Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Road Trip!!!

What does a suburban look like stuffed to the RIM with necessities for a move 
half way across the country?? 
A 22 hour venture??

And yep - we got it closed!  And could even partially see out the back!!

So we finally got on the road around 2pm on Wednesday, Oct 12th.  
We made it as far as Asheville the first night.
We stopped before we were really ready, 
but I am kinda glad we did, 
cause I-40 through the mountains
was both beautiful and white knuckling!
There aren't too many vehicles on the road that intimidate me
in that big ole beast...
being squeezed between a 6' tall concrete wall and a semi...
I am intimidated!  

BUT - we did get a few good pics on the way...

Day 2:
We made it all the way through Tennessee but it was 
dreary and rainy and we didn't stop...we made it all the way to
Little Rock, Arkansas.
I loved seeing all the green along the highway in Tennessee.

Here is the only picture worthy of posting of our venture through 

(This should be a advertisement for Britax! - ha!)

After a day in the car, we decided to stop in Dallas
and do some sightseeing...
So because I love my oldest son,
who has been brainwashed by his father...

We visited Cowboys Stadium!
And even got to walk on the field!!

Needless to say - it was pretty overwhelming!
We can't wait to go back and take Daddy...
I actually got to call him while standing on the star...
Pretty neat experience!

We also went to a park nearby and
burned off some energy.

 (Who knew you could fit two little ones in the same swing?)

We got back on the road headed south toward San Antonio
on Friday evening about 7pm, we still had about 5 hours 
ahead of us - but we were ready to get there...
however, we had not idea what exactly
we would be arriving to...
no bed for A nor Nana,
was there coffee in the house?

So instead of sticking it out 
and making it all the way into San Antonio
we stopped in Temple, Texas...
where is Temple, Texas?  About 3 hours north of
San Antonio!  

And how did we definitely know we were
in Texas?

The Texas shaped waffle iron at our hotel,
of course!

So after our Texas shaped waffles...
we piled back in the suburban and 
headed south again...

We finally arrived, 
almost exactly 4 days
after we started...
Saturday, October 16th
right around noon.
(noon CST made it 1pm EST)

And in case anyone needed reminding
why we made this venture...

He's worth it!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

How do I spell relief??? T-E-X-A-S!!!


The real fun started on Oct 7th.
We began loading the truck...
Husband, father-in-law & me
(with 4 kids underfoot!)

Worked HARD all day
then went to my parents to celebrate my 34th (shhh...don't tell)
birthday with family and a few close friends.

Got up the next morning and did it all over again,
but this time with the help of my mom.

Things were looking good until about lunchtime...
then we slowly started to realize...
its not all gonna fit!!!
(In the 26' Penske truck we rented!)

At 8pm, my husband and father-in-law, freshly showered...
piled into the moving truck and set out for Texas!
I was hoping and praying and imagining that 
when they drove out of the driveway 
I would feel this immense 
come over me...


All I saw was a filthy house FULL of stuff
that somehow had to make it down to Texas!!!

So my stress level actually went through the ROOF!

The hubby and father-in-law
drove straight through...
I checked in with them about every 3 to 4 hours.
They finally made it on Sunday evening about 10pm EST.

I finished packing the rest of our "stuff"
(half of which will be sold or donated when it gets here - 
so why did we ship it?  cause I didn't have time to go through
it prior to all this!)

Called a moving company and the movers thankfully came in 
with a price that was very reasonable.
(We still saved about 50% or more had we just had them move it all)
So I am satisfied.

I spent the next couple of days packing and cleaning and doing what I could
with 2 little ones under foot.

My mom volunteered to make the 1400 mile drive with me and the kids.
I had a plan in my head to leave Wednesday morning, Oct 12th.
Bright and early!

Due to all the "stuff" left in our house...
Wednesday morning, 
my bestie and I headed back over to the house
and packed and moved and put all of our "stuff" 
in two rooms in the house so the movers would have an easier job.

We got back to my parents' house around noon.
I jumped in the shower and then literally 

Why?  Because I had this immense feeling of 
This was ALL finally coming to an

I cried and cried.
I really couldn't explain why...
they weren't sad tears
they weren't happy tears
they were tears of RELIEF!

We were FINALLY loading the car and starting on
our trip
our journey
our adventure
our new life!

My family was going to be complete again...
my kids would get to hug and kiss their dad goodnight
(not say goodnight via Skype)
I got to sleep next to my husband every night
(not just look at him via Skype)
we get to see him EVERY DAY
(not put him back on an airplane after a weekend visit)
the kids get to play with him on the floor
(not just sit and "talk" to him via Skype)

The list goes on and I could be here for days...
but I won't...

Needless to say...

We are in TEXAS!

(It only took us 4 days!  HA!)

We arrived Saturday, October 16th around noon
to a very happy daddy/husband
and father-in-law.

Then Monday,
The kids and I put a very sad momma/nana
on an airplane back to Raleigh...

Now we begin our new life in Texas...

(When are y'all coming to visit???)