Monday, April 30, 2012

Like I said yesterday - 
we spent our time two weeks ago
getting ready for our visitors.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it before
but paperwork
clothes are my 
(ask my husband, he will agree!)

got around to 
going through all the 
in the two youngest's drawers
and dressers...
they were on top,
and beside their dressers. 
I had no idea what was in each drawer that actually fit!

Discovered that each of them
had no less than FIVE
different sizes of clothes in their drawers.

My daughter had bottoms as small as
6-9 mo.
Why you ask?
Because they FIT!
She is a skinny mini - 
but they were way to short.
So in the give away box they went.

The baby had the same problem,
he gets mainly hand-me-downs.
As mentioned a few months ago,
I kept almost every stitch of clothing
from my oldest,
then my second boy wore it,
now the baby.

Before we knew our 4th was a boy,
I kept all of my daughter's clothes too.
You should have seen my attic!

It was neat, just full of boxes.
How was it so neat?
Cause 5 1/2 years ago,
when we moved into our house,
my husband spent quite a bit of time,
much to my displeasure,
in the attic
building shelves.
I was NOT a happy camper cause 
there were WAY more important 
that needed doing.
(in my opinion)
every time my husband ventured into the attic
over the next 5 1/2 years, 
he would 
proudly boast how happy he was
that he had taken the time to build those 

Yes, they were beneficial,
yes, they were well done,
yes, yes, yes...
(but don't tell my husband)

Luckily I had labeled and sorted all the clothes
prior to storing.
But upon making the move,
my dear sweet husband informed me that he was
shipping 20 boxes of clothes half way across
 the country!

So, with the help of family and friends,
I painstakingly went through each box
and widdled them down to
6 keepers.

So, the baby gets most of his clothes from those boxes.
Poor thing may never get "new" clothes.
But they are all in good shape,
so its not like he is walking around 
in holey items.

We did our normal co-op classes
and A made a monkey.
It was cute!
So I had to share!!

Here are all of our monkeys in our co-op class.

Over the last few months,
we have watched a very diligent mommy bird
build her nest in one of the corners of our patio 

I have periodically been climbing on a stool 
and raising my camera above my head to take 
pictures to see if there was anything in there...
we finally found something!!

This was taken on April 20th.

This was taken on April 21st:
When our guests arrived!

Think they have missed their Nana??

Random Picture:

I couldn't help but snap this hairdo after taking the 
baby out of the bath a few weeks ago.   ;)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

See - Told You...

Told you we weren't slowing things down around here!

I missed posting last week due to some wonderful visitors!
Decided to entertain and enjoy my company.

We took 2 weeks off from school
Week 1 to prepare for our guests
Week 2 to enjoy our guests:
My mom & grandmother!

So I am going to attempt to catch you up 
over a few posts so as not to make them
*too* long.

Once again - I am TOTALLY looking forward to 
the start of a new month and new budget,
we have BLOWN this one
And I have a feeling May is going to be just as bad
if not worse than April.
We are planning a mini-vacation to Dallas 
in 2 weeks to celebrate 
our oldest's 8th birthday.

We have been talking about dong this for months...
we better do it before we don't.

I haven't worked out in 2 weeks due to the cleaning

PRAYING I can get up tomorrow morning
WITH my husband
and get my BUTT
and work out and shower before the kids get up
at 7am.

Then back to the grind to finish up our school year.
Our new books should be here sometime next week.
And I am ANXIOUS to get 
our new books
and get organized 
for next "year".

We will probably start in June,
July at the latest
(which is what we are used to back in the 
year-round schools that we came from in NC).

This afternoon we will find out whether
we are expecting a niece or nephew in September.
I am guessing niece,
but God does have a wicked sense of humor
and He might bless me and my sisters
with a slew of boys
since we grew up
with nothing but sisters.
Let me just tell you how nervous I was
about having a boy
when I found out 
with my oldest.
I didn't know a THING
about BOYS!
Except for what my sweet,
Aunt told me years ago...

Raising boys is a helluva lot easier than raising girls!

She has 2 boys and 1 girl. 
Wonder if she has changed her mind recently!

On a totally unrelated note
a family in our local homeschool community 
is burying their 11 month old tomorrow.
One week ago, Monday morning at 4am,
he cried out,
daddy got up to console him
and he heard a gurgling noise and then the baby went limp.
Mommy did CPR while daddy called 911.
His heart had stopped.
An hour later, 
the doctors at the hospital were able to regain a pulse.
However, it was too late.
They disconnected him from artificial life support at 
8:36pm on Tuesday evening.
He would have been one on May 14th.
(One day after my oldest turns 8).

I have never met this family,
but know quite a few families who know them and
love them.
I have heard nothing but praise as to how this family is
handling this loss.
They are pillars of faith
and give Glory to God
for blessing them with this 
child for those 11 months.
As they looked back over his short little life,
they were confident that they had not missed
an opportunity to show this child love.

Hug your children,
tell them and show them that you love them.
as another blogger (who also lost a child)
states at the end of each post:

Cherish every moment!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Slowing Things Down...


Just kidding!
We don't know how to do that around here...
its just more of the same,

We started off our weekend with a
visit to daddy's "office".
We got to go on BASE!
The kids (and I)
were so excited.
We went for a picnic
as usual,
we closed the party down.

Then we headed out to a
Friday night soccer practice.

We skipped
2 soccer games
a baseball game
on Saturday
and headed to a 
small border town
for a good old fashioned
family reunion!!

It wasn't huge.
It wasn't like the ones I was 
used to either...
but it was so nice
meeting some new
family on 
my husband's side
and visiting with
those I already knew.

Before we headed out of town though...
my sweet husband wouldn't let me 
tempt those "men in blue"
and informed me
that the "extra" tag I received
wasn't a 
So instead of worrying about 
"the men in blue"...
I should have been worried about 
"my man in blue" jeans!

Dirty dog took my NC State tag off
and put a stinking license tag on.
He told me I had to move back to NC
to legally put it back on there.

I'm ready when you are.  
(wink, wink!)

En route, 
we grabbed some good old McD's breakfast 
(loaded with sarcasm here!)

But our sweet little girl,
started making letters with 
her pancake strips!!

These NEAT little trays you see her 
using (and the others)
are a MUST
for traveling!!

We purchased these a few years ago
and use them ALL THE TIME.
We started out with 2
now we own 4.

They are used for:
you name it!

And on our last trip out west
2 years ago,
we only turned the DVD player on ONCE
on the way out there.

we got to visit with a lot of family
while we were at the reunion.
This little shin-dig didn't get 
til 7:30pm!
Here is the sunset over Laredo...

Luckily the little ones took naps...

My husband's grandfather is 
totally enamored with these kids.
Our oldest was named after him
(and his son, and his son...
so yes, our child is the 4th)
Grandpa LOVES hearing
our oldest say his 
FULL name.
He asks him a couple of times,
everytime we see him,
to say his full name.
Grandpa swells up with pride
and I think even gets tears
in his eyes.

And our daughter's middle name
is after my husband's late grandmother.
So grandpa loves saying her name too.

And he loves J's red hair!
And calling the baby...
anytime he would walk by,
grandpa would call out to him!

We met Tia Lupe,
98 years old!
She drank more than me
stayed longer than us!

J made a friend...
he and "Sugar"
were best buds.
Anytime we couldn't find J,
we just hollered for Sugar.

Here is what 4 kids look like at 1am.
(this was one party we didn't close down)
It was only a 10 min drive to the hotel,
but they were so tired,
they tried to fall asleep.
Poor J!
A serenaded us the whole way there.
I told her to be quiet
(cause she just wouldn't hush)
and got the response
"I singing mommy".
Oh, ok, since you are singing...

Sunday, we drove 2 hours
through butterflies
You should have seen my car!
I sweet talked my man 
into washing the beast...
he had a little help.
More than he wanted.
(so he says)

After the car wash,
we took them to the 
neighborhood pool to rinse off....
this was our first visit to this pool
and apparently we were a few weeks to early
for them.
We didn't last long til they were 
to go home!

Random picture of the week...

A made this at co-op on Thursday,
I loved it so much,
it went up in the window of the kitchen.
A LOVES having her art work up there!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Accountability Check Up

Time for an accountability check up...

What have we been up to and how are my
"projects" going?

Well the budget is going...
Between purchasing next year's school books
(more on that later)
Paying Taxes (yes, paying - FIRST time ever - don't ask!)
An out of town family reunion
(also more on that later)

April's budget was blown before the month even started.

I am keeping up with my workouts
and enjoy them most days...
I manage to do it about 4-5 days a week
for 30 minutes each time
yet I am still
chasing those first 5 pounds!!!

my darling husband is 
approaching 30 pounds

I don't get it!!
I am trying to stay motivated
and it definitely helps 
that I am not breathing as hard
during my workouts
and I feel better, 
the weight is just NOT
melting off of me
like it is 
my sweet hubby!

We have all adjusted to the 
nap time/rest time each day.
If you remember, 
the boys have enjoyed sleeping in the
box that the elliptical came in...
I separate the kids at rest time
and one "gets" to sleep in the box.
I feel SO bad saying that...
but they literally 
take turns
to sleep in the box!
It is quite funny.
And they insist on the top being closed 
so its dark.

Whatever works
makes them happy
gives me a few minutes of
and quiet.

But I promise...

This week we finally made some decisions
on school books for next year.
I am basically following this
with a few adjustments
that more suit me.

We might be joining a small
co-op for the fall
where each parent leads a different class.
Art, history, science, memory work.
But it is still getting organized.

I have mentioned before that J is
done with his math book.
R got so excited after looking through
the 3rd grade math book,
he came home that afternoon
and did 11 pages out of his math book.
And is so ready for 3rd grade!
Fine by me...
I will NOT squash his drive and desire!

I am thinking about testing him in a few weeks...
gonna look into it.

So besides blowing our budget,
buying school books for next year,
getting my car registration transferred down here,
(after waiting in line with 4 kids for an HOUR)
and every day life...

We managed to fit in a couple of fun things.

The Easter Bunny was able to fit some interesting things
into the kids baskets.

The older boys each got a
"paint your own ball"
J - soccer
R - football

First you have to pump them up,
then paint them,
then let it dry,
then paint again,
then dry,
then paint,
you get the picture.
They might be finished in another month,
when I finally feel like letting them leave them out
to dry between coats.

The littlest two got
some sand for the sandbox
I insisted we ship all the way from NC.
But I wasn't allowed to bring the sand with us!
So it sat empty on the back patio
til now.

And a bubble machine
(that I *just* got around to putting batteries in)

They also each got a chocolate bunny
and I let T eat part of one.
And, for whatever reason,
he doesn't like having his picture taken lately...
so this is what you get...

We were sent another craft from one of their sweet
crafty aunts...

I didn't snap a before picture,
but she sent bunny cutouts
that said
"No bunny loves you like Jesus"
and asked the kids to create a "home"
for the bunny.

So we got out the scissors,
construction paper,

And they created these

we are getting geared up for our first
visit to daddy's office.
Since he is on base, and a civilian,
he is not authorized to
escort others onto the base.
So...tomorrow is a special event
that families can come to.
In order to get on base,
I had to have an updated registration...
which I didn't...
(blame it on the move)

Hence, the NEED to stand in line for an HOUR
with FOUR kids
to get my car registered here.

While I was swapping license tags...
I *finally*
got around to a few more vehicular updates.

(SOOOOOOO sad to see this go - feel free to send me a new one!)

(how stinking cool is this thing??? and oh so true - thank you Mimi!!!)

And I will still be rocking the NC State Wolfpack tag on the front
until I am told otherwise
by those men in blue
that might insist that I put the front tag on my car
that I got when I received the back tag.
(atleast I am assuming that is why I got 2 tags - haha)

And I am sure I will have TONS to share from my first
family reunion with this side of the family.
I am so looking forward to it!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Happenings

Happy (Belated) Easter!!
(as usual, on the belated part)

We went to mass on Sunday and amazingly got there early
enough to get a seat!  Barely...
But oddly - 
we sat on the front row
and the kids were GREAT!
They have NEVER been this good!
I had been told about that trick but we might have to do it again!

I grew up in the baptist church where people 
got all dressed up to go to church every Sunday.
So when we started going to the Catholic church,
It was an adjustment to see people wearing
jeans and shorts and all sorts of clothes
to church,
but realized that
the most important part was that these people

In church on Easter Sunday,
Father commented on how nice everyone looked
and how we should always get dressed up to come 
to celebrate Jesus and show Him how much 
we loved Him and were celebrating Him.
Made me feel good.
I would love to see people showing up
in their
"Sunday Best"
like I grew up seeing.
We get dressed up...
in our Sunday best.

After church I snapped a couple of pictures
of the kids in the back yard before they peeled their 
church clothes off
and dove into bathing suits
and play clothes...

Then they hunted the eggs that the Easter Bunny had left 
hidden around the house...

We had a great Easter Sunday 
wound up at SeaWorld,
yet again...
"free" trips to SeaWorld are always worth it,
especially when they do fun stuff for EVERY holiday.

We wound up getting tickets to their 
Second Annual Egg Hunt & Picnic.
It was cute and the only
egg hunt the kids participated in,
so it was worth it.

Then we tried to get a couple of pictures with
Shamu Bunny...
T wasn't having it...

So daddy helped...

Then we got a family picture.  
Notice how far from Shamu T is trying to be.

We caught a couple of shows.

Rode a couple of rides...
R's favorite, but could only see daddy.

Then mommy wanted to ride a "big kid" ride.
Why I chose this one, is quite beyond me!

We got DRENCHED!!!

Leading up to Easter weekend,
we did our annual egg decorating.

However, we do things a little differently in our house.
We enjoy boiled eggs, but don't eat them as much
as we do raw eggs.
And yearly, I throw away boiled eggs 
that don't get eaten and are still in our fridge
MONTHS after Easter.

So last year, I decided to attempt to dye raw eggs.
Why not???

It was a success!!!

And the kids enjoy picking out their eggs for use 
in pancakes, muffins
and what not.

We do occasionally have accidents
and lose an egg,
or two...
(strangely thanks to the oldest kid!)

A is admiring their handy work and counting our eggs.

Happy Easter
From Our Family
To Yours!

(my boys)