Sunday, April 29, 2012

See - Told You...

Told you we weren't slowing things down around here!

I missed posting last week due to some wonderful visitors!
Decided to entertain and enjoy my company.

We took 2 weeks off from school
Week 1 to prepare for our guests
Week 2 to enjoy our guests:
My mom & grandmother!

So I am going to attempt to catch you up 
over a few posts so as not to make them
*too* long.

Once again - I am TOTALLY looking forward to 
the start of a new month and new budget,
we have BLOWN this one
And I have a feeling May is going to be just as bad
if not worse than April.
We are planning a mini-vacation to Dallas 
in 2 weeks to celebrate 
our oldest's 8th birthday.

We have been talking about dong this for months...
we better do it before we don't.

I haven't worked out in 2 weeks due to the cleaning

PRAYING I can get up tomorrow morning
WITH my husband
and get my BUTT
and work out and shower before the kids get up
at 7am.

Then back to the grind to finish up our school year.
Our new books should be here sometime next week.
And I am ANXIOUS to get 
our new books
and get organized 
for next "year".

We will probably start in June,
July at the latest
(which is what we are used to back in the 
year-round schools that we came from in NC).

This afternoon we will find out whether
we are expecting a niece or nephew in September.
I am guessing niece,
but God does have a wicked sense of humor
and He might bless me and my sisters
with a slew of boys
since we grew up
with nothing but sisters.
Let me just tell you how nervous I was
about having a boy
when I found out 
with my oldest.
I didn't know a THING
about BOYS!
Except for what my sweet,
Aunt told me years ago...

Raising boys is a helluva lot easier than raising girls!

She has 2 boys and 1 girl. 
Wonder if she has changed her mind recently!

On a totally unrelated note
a family in our local homeschool community 
is burying their 11 month old tomorrow.
One week ago, Monday morning at 4am,
he cried out,
daddy got up to console him
and he heard a gurgling noise and then the baby went limp.
Mommy did CPR while daddy called 911.
His heart had stopped.
An hour later, 
the doctors at the hospital were able to regain a pulse.
However, it was too late.
They disconnected him from artificial life support at 
8:36pm on Tuesday evening.
He would have been one on May 14th.
(One day after my oldest turns 8).

I have never met this family,
but know quite a few families who know them and
love them.
I have heard nothing but praise as to how this family is
handling this loss.
They are pillars of faith
and give Glory to God
for blessing them with this 
child for those 11 months.
As they looked back over his short little life,
they were confident that they had not missed
an opportunity to show this child love.

Hug your children,
tell them and show them that you love them.
as another blogger (who also lost a child)
states at the end of each post:

Cherish every moment!

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