Monday, April 16, 2012

Slowing Things Down...


Just kidding!
We don't know how to do that around here...
its just more of the same,

We started off our weekend with a
visit to daddy's "office".
We got to go on BASE!
The kids (and I)
were so excited.
We went for a picnic
as usual,
we closed the party down.

Then we headed out to a
Friday night soccer practice.

We skipped
2 soccer games
a baseball game
on Saturday
and headed to a 
small border town
for a good old fashioned
family reunion!!

It wasn't huge.
It wasn't like the ones I was 
used to either...
but it was so nice
meeting some new
family on 
my husband's side
and visiting with
those I already knew.

Before we headed out of town though...
my sweet husband wouldn't let me 
tempt those "men in blue"
and informed me
that the "extra" tag I received
wasn't a 
So instead of worrying about 
"the men in blue"...
I should have been worried about 
"my man in blue" jeans!

Dirty dog took my NC State tag off
and put a stinking license tag on.
He told me I had to move back to NC
to legally put it back on there.

I'm ready when you are.  
(wink, wink!)

En route, 
we grabbed some good old McD's breakfast 
(loaded with sarcasm here!)

But our sweet little girl,
started making letters with 
her pancake strips!!

These NEAT little trays you see her 
using (and the others)
are a MUST
for traveling!!

We purchased these a few years ago
and use them ALL THE TIME.
We started out with 2
now we own 4.

They are used for:
you name it!

And on our last trip out west
2 years ago,
we only turned the DVD player on ONCE
on the way out there.

we got to visit with a lot of family
while we were at the reunion.
This little shin-dig didn't get 
til 7:30pm!
Here is the sunset over Laredo...

Luckily the little ones took naps...

My husband's grandfather is 
totally enamored with these kids.
Our oldest was named after him
(and his son, and his son...
so yes, our child is the 4th)
Grandpa LOVES hearing
our oldest say his 
FULL name.
He asks him a couple of times,
everytime we see him,
to say his full name.
Grandpa swells up with pride
and I think even gets tears
in his eyes.

And our daughter's middle name
is after my husband's late grandmother.
So grandpa loves saying her name too.

And he loves J's red hair!
And calling the baby...
anytime he would walk by,
grandpa would call out to him!

We met Tia Lupe,
98 years old!
She drank more than me
stayed longer than us!

J made a friend...
he and "Sugar"
were best buds.
Anytime we couldn't find J,
we just hollered for Sugar.

Here is what 4 kids look like at 1am.
(this was one party we didn't close down)
It was only a 10 min drive to the hotel,
but they were so tired,
they tried to fall asleep.
Poor J!
A serenaded us the whole way there.
I told her to be quiet
(cause she just wouldn't hush)
and got the response
"I singing mommy".
Oh, ok, since you are singing...

Sunday, we drove 2 hours
through butterflies
You should have seen my car!
I sweet talked my man 
into washing the beast...
he had a little help.
More than he wanted.
(so he says)

After the car wash,
we took them to the 
neighborhood pool to rinse off....
this was our first visit to this pool
and apparently we were a few weeks to early
for them.
We didn't last long til they were 
to go home!

Random picture of the week...

A made this at co-op on Thursday,
I loved it so much,
it went up in the window of the kitchen.
A LOVES having her art work up there!!


  1. ahh! child labor at 19 months!! :) so sweet.

  2. Awe LOVE the carwashing pics! Those are precious! And so glad y'all had fun on the family reunion trip and <3 that you were seranaded by your sweet girl all the way home.