Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Happenings

Happy (Belated) Easter!!
(as usual, on the belated part)

We went to mass on Sunday and amazingly got there early
enough to get a seat!  Barely...
But oddly - 
we sat on the front row
and the kids were GREAT!
They have NEVER been this good!
I had been told about that trick but we might have to do it again!

I grew up in the baptist church where people 
got all dressed up to go to church every Sunday.
So when we started going to the Catholic church,
It was an adjustment to see people wearing
jeans and shorts and all sorts of clothes
to church,
but realized that
the most important part was that these people

In church on Easter Sunday,
Father commented on how nice everyone looked
and how we should always get dressed up to come 
to celebrate Jesus and show Him how much 
we loved Him and were celebrating Him.
Made me feel good.
I would love to see people showing up
in their
"Sunday Best"
like I grew up seeing.
We get dressed up...
in our Sunday best.

After church I snapped a couple of pictures
of the kids in the back yard before they peeled their 
church clothes off
and dove into bathing suits
and play clothes...

Then they hunted the eggs that the Easter Bunny had left 
hidden around the house...

We had a great Easter Sunday 
wound up at SeaWorld,
yet again...
"free" trips to SeaWorld are always worth it,
especially when they do fun stuff for EVERY holiday.

We wound up getting tickets to their 
Second Annual Egg Hunt & Picnic.
It was cute and the only
egg hunt the kids participated in,
so it was worth it.

Then we tried to get a couple of pictures with
Shamu Bunny...
T wasn't having it...

So daddy helped...

Then we got a family picture.  
Notice how far from Shamu T is trying to be.

We caught a couple of shows.

Rode a couple of rides...
R's favorite, but could only see daddy.

Then mommy wanted to ride a "big kid" ride.
Why I chose this one, is quite beyond me!

We got DRENCHED!!!

Leading up to Easter weekend,
we did our annual egg decorating.

However, we do things a little differently in our house.
We enjoy boiled eggs, but don't eat them as much
as we do raw eggs.
And yearly, I throw away boiled eggs 
that don't get eaten and are still in our fridge
MONTHS after Easter.

So last year, I decided to attempt to dye raw eggs.
Why not???

It was a success!!!

And the kids enjoy picking out their eggs for use 
in pancakes, muffins
and what not.

We do occasionally have accidents
and lose an egg,
or two...
(strangely thanks to the oldest kid!)

A is admiring their handy work and counting our eggs.

Happy Easter
From Our Family
To Yours!

(my boys)



  1. I just cried looking at these pictures...even though you sent me some. I miss y'all so much :( I love you!

    1. Love you too sweet sister! Can't wait to see you again!