Monday, April 30, 2012

Like I said yesterday - 
we spent our time two weeks ago
getting ready for our visitors.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it before
but paperwork
clothes are my 
(ask my husband, he will agree!)

got around to 
going through all the 
in the two youngest's drawers
and dressers...
they were on top,
and beside their dressers. 
I had no idea what was in each drawer that actually fit!

Discovered that each of them
had no less than FIVE
different sizes of clothes in their drawers.

My daughter had bottoms as small as
6-9 mo.
Why you ask?
Because they FIT!
She is a skinny mini - 
but they were way to short.
So in the give away box they went.

The baby had the same problem,
he gets mainly hand-me-downs.
As mentioned a few months ago,
I kept almost every stitch of clothing
from my oldest,
then my second boy wore it,
now the baby.

Before we knew our 4th was a boy,
I kept all of my daughter's clothes too.
You should have seen my attic!

It was neat, just full of boxes.
How was it so neat?
Cause 5 1/2 years ago,
when we moved into our house,
my husband spent quite a bit of time,
much to my displeasure,
in the attic
building shelves.
I was NOT a happy camper cause 
there were WAY more important 
that needed doing.
(in my opinion)
every time my husband ventured into the attic
over the next 5 1/2 years, 
he would 
proudly boast how happy he was
that he had taken the time to build those 

Yes, they were beneficial,
yes, they were well done,
yes, yes, yes...
(but don't tell my husband)

Luckily I had labeled and sorted all the clothes
prior to storing.
But upon making the move,
my dear sweet husband informed me that he was
shipping 20 boxes of clothes half way across
 the country!

So, with the help of family and friends,
I painstakingly went through each box
and widdled them down to
6 keepers.

So, the baby gets most of his clothes from those boxes.
Poor thing may never get "new" clothes.
But they are all in good shape,
so its not like he is walking around 
in holey items.

We did our normal co-op classes
and A made a monkey.
It was cute!
So I had to share!!

Here are all of our monkeys in our co-op class.

Over the last few months,
we have watched a very diligent mommy bird
build her nest in one of the corners of our patio 

I have periodically been climbing on a stool 
and raising my camera above my head to take 
pictures to see if there was anything in there...
we finally found something!!

This was taken on April 20th.

This was taken on April 21st:
When our guests arrived!

Think they have missed their Nana??

Random Picture:

I couldn't help but snap this hairdo after taking the 
baby out of the bath a few weeks ago.   ;)

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