Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mas y Mas y Mas...

I would like to refer you back to the last picture of 

I have mentioned the boys beloved box
quite a few times...
the older two 
decided to get a little rough with it
and it finally bit the dust.

After 3 months 
of using it as our 
"extra bedroom"
for nap times...
it was thrown in the trash.

So the boys had to resort to other means.
They got creative and
here are the results:

Yep - there is a kid under all that!

What ever works.

Eventually, I suggested that we open that tent up
and they could sleep in that.

That works too.

A, got to participate a little bit during our weekly PE
It was cute and worth sharing.

PE with her newly purchased jewelry from Nana.

We took Nana and Grandmother along too.

Then we did the typical Monday night soccer/baseball
practice rounds.
And sweet Nana indulged the kids in an icee.
Three were purchased and the baby got 
to take turns eating from the older ones.

Too cute!!!

Look at that mouth!!!  Go gracious...

Well, he got what he wanted...

J's mouth being that wide open helps T eat,
I guess...

Tuesday is our "down day" around here...
so we took the opportunity to do some touristy stuff.

I love love love the Riverwalk.  I absolutely enjoy just walking along the riverside.
So we hoofed it down there.

Then we stopped for lunch.

And ventured into the Alamo for a visit.

I really enjoyed walking around with the boys and talking and teaching.

We received these scavenger hunt sheets from the 
sweet lady at the "help desk"
for the boys -
now that we have found the cannons...
what's next??

The old well!

What's down there??

Oooo, ooo, ooo, lemme see, lemme see!

Oh look, mommy gets to be IN a picture!

Checking out a giant cactus...

Don't get too close boys...

We did find ONE cactus blossom.

T passed out so we decided to kill a little 
extra time...

We stopped and looked at the koi pond they had on site.
While there, a lady stopped by and 
asked us if we had ever been to the 
Sunken Gardens.
No, never heard of it!

Then after doing a little googling while we were standing
in the middle of the Alamo grounds,
I discovered that she was referring to the 
Japanese Tea Garden.

So we loaded back up 
(after we consulted my newly downloaded
app to locate where we parked the car - 
and wouldn't ya know it - IT WORKED!!!)
and headed to the 
Japanese Tea Garden.

It was amazing!!

I think everyone enjoyed this more than the Riverwalk.
The boys got to climb all over rocks 
and run around a little more.

It is an old quarry that was turned into a beautiful
garden with HUMONGOUS koi!

It was beautiful!!

Look at all those fish!  They are huge!!

Jumping on the boulders out front...

Nana helping out the baby...
nice action shot!

After this...
we headed home.

I dropped of the grandmothers and the little ones...
then me and the boys headed right back out
to a new barbershop right around the corner
that just opened up.

The boys needed haircuts,
sort of.

I have been in love with J's hair since he was born.
Hubby and I had quite a few disagreements
on whether or not to cut those amazing baby curls.
And when his hair was just too long.
(according to everyone else BUT me!)

J has never really "wanted" his hair cut.
Which was always fine with me!

This time was no different...
until genius here remembered
that the last time R got his hair cut
it was short enough to spike up in the front.
J liked it and asked me to spike his too.
But, his was too long to spike...

So the good mommy I am,
I mention this to J.
Lord, you should have seen his face light up!
"yeah, yeah, yeah!!!"

(meanwhile, inside I am quite disappointed)

I asked him a couple of times if he was sure,
cause it would be really short!!

He said yes, then eventually told me
that I didn't have to ask him anymore
cause he was really sure...

So then the time came...
the ONLY thing that kept me from crying as they 
started literally shaving his beautiful hair off
was the fact that he actually had an opinion 
about his hair...
for ONCE!

It was tough for me to watch...
so much so,
I had to take some commemorative pictures.

At this point, I can't remember if I asked the lady if we
could just leave it like that
glue it back if I didn't like it.

Either way - she was tickled by my silliness over a

oh yeah, R got his done too...

Look at all that hair! 

~drum roll please~


Ugh - all that beautiful hair...

But look at that smile!!

(I know - meanie mommy - made them face the sun!)

I love and miss that hair already!
But my boy likes it...

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