Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Its the End of a Season...

Things happen so fast around here I am always 
with blogging...
(not to mention the 4 kids and husband that I have to keep up with).

Instead of this post being WAYYYY too long,
I broke it up into a few updates over the next few days.
I had a REALLY long one, 
then went in and broke them up.
The cool thing is...
I can schedule when you get them!
So here is the first one.
The next 3 are done 
and will be scheduled shortly
and hitting your inboxes later this week!

The "end of season" stuff is in full swing:
School "year"
this season of sports
church classes

Summer is officially upon us!
And our days of nice weather are 
behind us...
we got a reminder of what Texas summers are like
I am NOT looking forward to this!
I can only pray it is not a record breaker 
this summer!


About 10 days ago, we had our end of season
pack meeting with the scouts.
We had it on the "festival grounds" of our church.
Your church has "festival grounds"??
Don't get too excited though - 
it is just because the church has no more room for 
on its TINY property where the church is.
The festival grounds are on
 a beautiful piece of private property donated
(or sold dirt cheap)
to the church years ago!
It has a builders house on it
a 4 car garage/shed,
a sheltered picnic area
complete with bathrooms
and then acres and acres of rolling beauty!
You can see snip its in the pictures below.

Our Pack invited:
first responders,
a couple of sherrifs
2 real life, honest to goodness

I was so excited about the Texas Rangers!
One of them even talked funny like some of the
folks back home and I got so excited,
til I found out he was from West Texas
and no where near "home".

Each of the groups above spoke for a minute or two
about what they do:
most of the responses were 
"I am so and so and I do what he tells me to do"
Then the captain of each group 
got up and said
"I am so and so and I tell all of them what to do"

That got a chuckle out of their captive audience.

Then they broke the kids up into groups
and we got to walk out and see their

(No - no one got put in handcuffs!)

And this bad boy was whipped out
at the request of one of the big kids
in the group...
a DAD!

I was really impressed with the care he took in 
unloading it, 
then handing it off to his partner to check
before he turned toward the kids
with it.

My Mercy!!

J is mesmerized about something here...

the Texas Rangers were
 my favorite!!

I took this pic specifically for my dad!!

The kids got to take turns climbing in the firetruck! 

Even Ms. Priss climbed in there!

Here is our pack and the pack leaders
and our community helper friends.

A even found a little friend,
the two of them enjoyed 
messing with this light during the
What humors me - the little girl on the floor
is only a year older than A...look at
the height difference!!!

Yep - she's petite!

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