Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catching Up (Again)

So besides our mini-vacation last week...
what else have we been up to?

For starters, I have been working on a project
that I am SOOOO excited to share with you,
BUT, its not quite complete
I am doing 8 sets,
so it is taking me a while.
My mom and mother in law each received a set
last week.

Once the others have been completed,
mailed and received...
I will share...
but I am SO excited!!

We had some friends come over to play 
a few weeks ago.

The kids that were over 
are literally almost
the exact same age as my older 3
and same sexes...
so it was PERFECT.

A had a sweet little girl to play with.
She asked if we had dolls,
um, a few...
then she wanted clothes for them.
Hmmm...I don't think we have any sweetie.
You see, my little sweet girl is growing up in a house full of boys
and with a mommy that doesn't really remember playing with dolls.
I am sure I did - 
but we have purchased dolls 
and such for her
and she just never shows much interest.

So I showed her what we did have in A's room
and left them up there.
Then a few minutes later, she came down
asking me to help her take her dress off...
boy you should have seen the look on my face,

Then I finally figured out they had found the little 
princess dresses on the back of A's door 
and they wanted to play dress up.

So I helped her get into the little dress,
and showed them where A's little dress-up earrings
and bracelets and bows were.
Oh and shoes - they needed shoes!
The little friend (L), left her headband at the house.
And A has been talking about her friend, L
and saying her name
(that is a first for my kids, they all have the memory of 
their momma and can't remember their friends' names!)

Off with the bow box to play dress-up.

So there were 7 kids in our house
and God decided to make it rain.
Thank you, sir.
No I do not really want 7 kids
yes I am happy with the 4 I have,
now please make the rain stop so they can

Notice the girls still in their dresses.

Ok kids, time to switch.

I was not about to allow the littles on the trampoline
with those big boys.

That evening,
daddy did a little weight lifting.
He frequently does this with one kid at a time...
they were too wiggly to successfully do 2 at a time.

So mommy decided to challenge him to do
arm raises with our oldest.

(don't ask what we are watching - it appears to be a show
they are not supposed to be watching!)

Then a few months ago 
(Christmas I think)
one of my sisters sent a nifty packet of 
hand tattoos for the boys.

Haha - look mommy - he's eating him.

Baby bird update:

These were taken before we left for our trip.

when we got back, we discovered that they had learned
how to fly in our absence!  

They are still coming back to the nest every night,
but they love to perch on the top of the trampoline netting
during the day.
Which means there is TONS of poop on the trampoline now.

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