Thursday, August 22, 2013

Birthday Beach Trip

For Jackson's birthday
we decided on a family adventure
instead of a party.
So we went camping.
TENT Camping!

So for Rico's birthday,
we decided on a trip to the beach.
My grandmother has a semi-permanent
camper down there at a campground,
and the kids and I visited on our trip
back to NC last year.
We have been a couple of times,
and I knew it would be a great
way to celebrate Rico's birthday.

We just had to find a weekend that wasn't 
slam packed with other things.

So we finally found a few day.
I invited my mom along.
She took a couple of days off of work,
then my cousins got wind that we were going 
and they showed up too!
It was awesome!

The more the merrier in our family!

So we all squished into the camper
(with a florida room attached).
And had a ball!

Daddy was supposed to join us on Friday after work,
but was feeling under the weather
and decided not to make the trip.
We missed him
but still had a ball!

Here are just a few of the favorites from our trip:

A beach trip wouldn't be complete
without a sand covered baby!

Good gracious -
she is getting so big so fast!

The three younger kids
kept on the shore
and played in the sand
and at the edge of the water,
most of the time.

 Mr. T even let Cousin Kara
cover him in sand!
I couldn't believe it!!

We couldn't seem to keep those little toes 
covered though!

All that sand was hard to get out 
from underneath!

Dern that is a cute kid!

While the others were 
playing on shore...
I couldn't keep Rico out of the water!!

The boogie boards they are using 
are 15+ years old!
My sisters and I used them when we were 
still living at home and doing family beach trips
as teens!

Then Nana & Papa got the boys
skim boards!
Rico LOVES it!

And he's getting pretty good at it!

This is what happens when you recycle clothes
as long as I do.
This bathing suit is probably close to 9 years old
and is now on its third kid!
So the elastic is SHOT!

That means,
the wearer 
walks around 
with his bathing suit
hanging around below his BUM!

We were following him around
pulling those britches up...

Didn't last long...

That suit made its way into the trash as soon
as the trip was over!

This is Mr. T's FAVORITE 
past time!


Falling backwards into them...

Falling forwards into them...

Flipping into them...

Jumping over(ish) them...

And the BEST part!
Belly flops into them!

 We also saw our share of sealife on this trip!

The crew is checking out something interesting here...

These are some of the creatures we saw:

(not sure what this one is - any ideas?)

Then this nice big sea snail.

Sandy baby beach kiss!

(Have I mentioned lately how happy I am that we are home!)

Rico said this was the best birthday trip ever!

Says it all for me!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Zoo in June

Keeping with the 
"doing something every stinking weekend" 
pattern that we had developed since we 
stepped foot back in NC...
we made a family trip to the zoo
with my mom,
sweet baby neice.

It was a nice warm day...
quite a bit cooler than what we were used to in 
Southern Texas!
But non-the-less,
it was warm enough
for them to cool off in the 
ice cave we found over
by the polar bear exhibit.

Then Uncle Jack 
posed with two of the boys
on the giant spider web. 
Luckily there was no giant spider in sight!

A quick trip for me and my baby girl 
on the merry-go-round!

Oh this looks familiar!
Momma gorillas carry their youngins around too!
Hey look,
she's got a monkey on her back!
(sorry, couldn't resist)

There is a great dinosaur exhibit at our zoo right now.

This guy was hungry.

This guy was ugly!

This guy was supposed to be dying
after a fight with a bigger dino.
(Jackson wasn't quite sure what to make of that)

The big boys posing with a big boy dino!

This guy...
we kept hearing screams coming from 
the trail up ahead of us...
couldn't figure out why...
til we got closer.
This guy SPITS at you!

We had a great time!

Except for the walking part!
Rico wore his new heely shoes,
so he had a great time wandering the park.
not so much.
Daddy's knee was giving him problems
so I got to push the littles
in the stroller
(those two littles aren't so little anymore... 
I had atleast 60 lbs in that stroller!)
for almost 5 miles
I swear
most of it was UP HILL!
How does that happen?
I have no idea!
But it was a great workout!
And I got a lot of sympathy from 
fellow zoo goers!

Monday, August 19, 2013

More May Happenings!

As you have probably noticed,
we have stayed VERY busy since we have been home...
so much so, 
that I cannot sit down long enough to get
to these posts much!

So to recap,
in the first 2 weeks of May we:

Hunted Wabbits
Picked Strawberries
Celebrated Mother's Day 
Two Birthdays!

The rest of May was a little more quiet
a visit with the Budweiser Clydesdales
a 80th Birthday Tea Party
Sleepin wif da fishes
Memorial Day.

The Clydesdales!

I grew up loving these beautiful horses.
I remember vividly,
the first time I ever saw them.
It was in a greek restaurant in 
Columbia, SC 
where we would go when I was a child,
called Zorbas.
I remember one of the owner's was called
"Jimmy, the Greek"
And the last time I went to this restaurant
was probalby 25+ years ago
(bleh! Am I really old enough to say that!?!?!)
I remember seeing a replica of the 
Budweiser Clydesdales 
in the restaurant,
on display.

I loved visiting the Clydesdales at 
Sea World San Antonio
when it was still sponsored by

And my hubs knew how much I loved these horses...
when he told me that they were coming 
to our new little town!!!

I am still not sure how we got them here,
but we did!
of course,
I didn't have my good camera with me!!

So these pitiful ones are all I got.

They ride in a better vehicle than I do!
They also travel with their own food AND water!
They were board at a local stable
(imagine the stable owner's excitement!!!).
Then they headed to Seymour Johnson AFB 
the next day!
(It doesn't take much to get me excited)

The Tea Party

While we were still in Texas,
my mom & aunt started planning my
grandmother's 80th birthday party.
They decided to do a Tea Party.
Complete with hats!
I wasn't sure how I could help
all the way from Texas
and knew I wasn't going to be
able to come up for it...
we moved!!
I was so excited and 
wanted to help in any way!

So Friday night,
two days before the party,
I loaded the beast
with the two littles
and we headed to Raleigh to 
pick up
my mom
my younger sis
my little neice!

The beast was loaded to the gills.
Three women
three children 
(4, 2 & 7 mo)
take a LOT of stuff
for a weekend trip!!
My dad got the honor of helping us load.

Yes - it appears we packed in 
garbage bags!
I have NO idea what was in there.

Then I rearranged the carseats to have my littles
sit in the back
and my sis and her little sit in the middle row.

But Mr. T was thoroughly confused 
as to what exactly was in his spot
was tickled with the fact that 
he just didn't fit right.

Our baby sis drove down 
and met us!

We spent most of the weekend 

Then Sunday morning
more cooking
more finalizing
finally at 1pm
the party.

(Did I mention it was a 4+ hour drive for me?)

After the party was finally over and cleaned up from,
we loaded up and headed back to Raleigh.

The littlest Miss
got sick on the way home.
It was scary...
and it was raining on top that.
So it was a pretty stressful ride.
We got back to Raleigh, 
unloaded half the cargo
(people too)
then jumped back on the road
for the hour plus trip 
Through the rain,
in the dark.

But we made it!

I don't have any pictures of that trip,
because I was too busy cooking and cleaning 
but I had a ball!!!
And you will just have to take my word that 
my mom & aunt 
did a great job!!

Sleepin Wif Da Fishes

While the littles and I were attending a tea party...
daddy and the older boys 
went on an overnight
with our new scout group...
to the aquarium!
How cool is that??

They had a ball!!
And daddy took way more
pictures than I did
at the Tea Party.

Here are a few of the better ones:

Before they got to the aquarium,
Daddy took them for dinner.
Apparently Jackson had
fish and chips
(before the aquarium...that's just not right, is it?)
and it appears,
in this picture,
he had a beer too!

I have no words for this picture:

This is about the size of the group that went...
how often do you get
a whole aquarium to yourselves??

All tucked in and ready for bed.
Daddy's flash caught some of the fish eyes in the background.
Not sure what I would think of sleeping
next to a shark tank...

They had a great time!

Memorial Day

I honestly have NO
recollection of Memorial Day!
I have NO idea what we did.

I can only imagine that we stayed
home for the first weekend
since we moved back
and actually unpacked!