Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Somethings Never Get Old...

I have a laundry list of things to tell you guys
about and posts to make,
but life has been abnormally nuts lately.

More about that,

But for now,
I am sure NONE of you are aware
that about 3 weeks ago
the movie
"Dirty Dancing" 
celebrated its 25th Anniversary!

Has it been that long?
Am I that old?

And because of this special occasion,
the DirecTV channel 
has been playing it pretty much non-stop.

I have gotten to see snip-its here and there,
but I have not had the opportunity to watch 
it in its entirety to celebrate this occasion.

A few days ago,
the boys were downstairs watching 
some weird 
monster movie.
So me and my 3 year old daughter 
climbed in my bed. 
While flipping through channels,
I found it!
So I decided I would introduce
my sweet girl to one of 
mommy's all time
favorite movies!

She made it about 5 minutes...
then I saw this:

Apparently she is not as easily impressed as I am...
Oh well, I guess she is a bit young anyways.

This movie is 
such a favorite of mine,
I skipped a study meeting
while in engineering school,
to watch it.  
I had a late study meeting planned for a test
the next day,
I caught the last few minutes of a showing
while doing my homework and
preliminary studying.
Then a encore presentation came on,
so I called this group of guys
I was supposed to be studying with 
and totally told them 
I wasn't coming because I was
watching Dirty Dancing!
Not sure how I did on the test the next day...
but I remember watching that movie that night!

I am sitting here,
watching it again!

I am just glad my husband hasn't 
walked through yet to see this 
grin plastered on my face!

Its the little things in life.