Monday, December 9, 2013

Traditional Fall Outing...

If you have been around here for a while,
you know that we
a place called
located not far from us...
(well a little farther now,
but totally worth the drive).

My sister 
and her family
(hubby and daughter)
decided they wanted to join us this year.
So we turned it into a birthday celebration....
for ME!

I love it,
all the family was able to be there...
why not!

Daddy graciously agreed to it...
I say graciously,
because he had kindly taken our oldest
to a campout birthday party
the night before 
with some of his old 
public school friends...
an hour away!
Then he drove another hour north to meet us.
He did stop by my parents' to atleast
jump in the shower.

The other 3 and I hit church that 
Sunday morning,
then quickly headed to 
Hillridge Farms.

And what you have all been waiting for...
the pictures!!

Little Miss trying to catch a CHICKEN!!!
The hubs (little miss' uncle)
was happily snapping away
waiting to see what she did.
My sister (little miss' mom -
second shadow seen in the pic)
was arms distance away
just incase the chicken
decided it did
not want to be pursued by a toddler
and attack!
(Luckily Lucy did not catch the chicken
and it didn't attack - 
no children or chickens were
harmed in the snapping of this photo!)

Love this beautiful picture of my girl!
Coming off the mega tunnel slide thing...

Everyone has a smile on their face
when coming down this thing!!

(Nana & Mr. T)


(My bestie, Ms. Teena, and her adopted kid of the day)

 (Me, yes I was the only adult that came down

Uncle Jack, NeeNee & Lucy Mae...

Either our first or second part
of Hillridge Farms,
its a toss up...
The corn!!!

Picking on the littlest one!!
Bless her heart!

Mr. T, plucking off his socks...

And hurling them out the door...

And here goes sock #2!! 

This was the best shot we got...
out of 6.  
I won't bore entertain you 
with the rest...

(yes, that is a flying piece of corn blurring Rico's face,
no, he is not strangling Lucy...much, she can still breathe...
just not move!)

Mr. T's no long requires a stroller...
He has dad!

Hay ride to get our pumpkins...
NeeNee is on there with us...
but unfortunately got cut out of the picture...
those are her legs on the
bottom right, 
beside Nana.

(Lex, Uncle Jack, Papa, Lucy)
Lucy got booted off of her own daddy's 
lap by her cousin!
Lex loves her some Uncle Jack!!

The rule in our house is:
you can get whatever pumpkin you want...
so long as YOU can carry it!!

Tony got his.

Lex got hers!

Nice try Lucy!!

Tony still searching...
and picking up...
(no pumpkins were sacrificed during our hunt)

Jackson stopped and posed for me real quick.

My nana...
what big...
you have.

Jackson finally found his!!

Then we HAD to get a good picture of all the kids with
the pumpkins...guess how many
shots I took and THIS
was the best one!!!
And this is the BEST I got!!!

Then naturally Nana
had to jump in there
with them.   

This is what it looks like when you 
try to take pictures of a bunch of little people!

After we took pictures, 
the daddies got to take 
all the pumpkins back to the cars,
while the women and children
went and watched the newest attraction at 
Hillridge Farms...

We LOVE the pig races!!

And duck races...

And goat races,
and pot belly pig races...
Too stinking cute!!

After the races,
we went and indulged in my 
favorite cake of all time.
The White Russian 
in Cary.

It is a white cake, drizzled with Kaluha
with a mocha buttercream filling and frosting,
then a chocolate ganache on top!!!!

I indulge every year, 
and am 
Luckily we had lots of Mr. T's cake leftover
from a few weeks earlier..
because I did
NOT share!!!
I ate the entire cake 
(what didn't get eaten the day of).
I had every intention of slicing it up,
and freezing slices,
so that I could have some later on...
it didn't make it through the week.
Oh well.
There's always next year,

After cake,
we had to bid farewell
to the others...
but my crew decided to hang out
for a bit longer.
We hit the corn bin again...

The corn gets in interesting places
when you play in so much of it...
Instead of where's Waldo...
this is a version of
find the corn kernel.

And yes,
corn was coming from everywhere when we got home.
It was all over all the bathrooms,
came out in the wash...

And we got daddy to go on the slide with us!!

It is IMPOSSIBLE not to have a smile on your
face when you hit the bottom of that slide!!!

Then I had this GREAT idea
that we should all go down
Luckily we ran into someone we knew...
I handed off my camera...
and this is what she got!

And, that my friends....
Is what I will leave you with.

This family knows 
how to have fun together!!!

Luv My Life!!