Monday, August 29, 2011

The Changing Tides

One chapter of my life officially closed tonight...
it is bittersweet.
I have put so much into my last job over the past year and a half...
my husband and I have put so much of ourselves
into our small business.  
He left the business about 6 weeks ago...
I stayed on to help with the transition
I knew I would be relinquishing my responsibilities eventually
But tonight 
- kinda unexpectedly - 
my responsibilities were carried out of my house.
It all fit on 1 thumb drive 
and in 2 boxes


The SINGLE thing 
that has kept me from my kids
and in front of this computer hour after hour
for the past year and a half...
just walked out my door
at 9:30pm on a Monday night.

So now I look forward...
the soccer practice shuffle is tomorrow night
Wednesday - there is something but I am not sharing yet (might not materialize)
Thursday - my sweet husband comes home again
Friday - a full day with daddy!
Saturday - our first NC State football game of the season!!!
Sunday - no major plans
Monday - an early celebration of our youngest son turning 1
(so daddy can attend too!)
Tuesday - put daddy back on the plane to Texas and the soccer practice shuffle...
Life goes on...

I have been spending more time with my kids and less time in front of my computer lately.
And I am glad that this chapter is closing.
Are there more changes coming this week???

Friday, August 19, 2011

Limbo - Mon!!

Limbo - that is how I would best describe our lives right now...
We are making do and staying the course
Some days are definitely easier than others.

The boys track out today -
and don't go back in until Sept 14th! 
I have a whole month with them...
by myself!!  
Thankfully reinforcements will come in the form of grandparents!
With the help of my mom and mother-in-law...
we have almost all the weekends covered already!
First weekend - beach with mom
Second weekend - Super Soccer Saturday - 
that consists of 6 (yes SIX) soccer games that my two boys will be playing in - in ONE day!
Third weekend - Labor Day - Daddy comes home again
Fourth Weekend - Waterpark with mom & mother-in-law

So that leaves me with 4 weeks worth of weekdays to keep 4 kids 

We are totally, inequivicably (not sure I spelled that right), absolutely, without a doubt...
living in a state of limbo.
However - we are all healthy and for the most part, happy.
So we can do this.

I missed the boys "Open House" at school last night where the teachers
talk about their teaching style and what to expect from her
this year and what she expects from us and the kids this year.
I didn't go...
this is TOTALLY unlike me!!!
I don't really plan on us being here that long
and didn't have a sitter
and honestly felt it would be harder on me to go
and sit and listen and visit with my other mom
friends knowing that we aren't going to be around much longer.
So I guess I am slowly making the break.
(Which brings me to tears...)

We have had quite a bit of interest in the house this week.
Sunday we had an open house with 2 attendees.
Tuesday we had a family come in twice to look at the house to rent.
Yesterday I received an e-mail asking to come and look at the house for rent today.
(Haven't heard back from them yet though)
Also yesterday, our realtor said someone wants to look at it tomorrow.

So interest is picking up and we have already this week had 3 people in here to look at it.
I know it only takes one...
our odds are increasing, right??
(Or are they decreasing??
I never officially took statistics.)

I know this is a process...
but I was never any good at
 "limbo - mon"!

(that is my pep talk to myself for the day!)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Soccer Mom - I am!

6:30a - awoken by the pitter patter of little feet in my room telling me she had to pee
7:00a - everyone is up and getting ready for the day
7:15a - breakfast
7:50a - headed to morning carpool
8:00a - home to work
9am - man comes by to see the house (says he is sending his wife later)
9:15a - back to work
11:30a - lunch for the babies
12:30 - my daughter puts herself down for a nap
(I am still working)
2:00p - go through ad and coupons and make grocery list
2:30p - man calls and asks if his wife can come to see the house
(can't do it now - leaving for carpool in 15 min ask if we can do it at 4:30)
2:45p - get daughter up from bed and throw her and the baby in the car for 
afternoon carpool
3:00p - sitting in carpool line and realize I have my coupons but forgot my list
call man and tell him I can meet daughter and wife at 3:30 since I have to go home
3:20 - call neighbor and ask if she can come over while I show the people the house
3:30 - arrive home, neighbor gets there just as people are arriving
4:00 - people leave, load 4 kids back into the car to go to the grocery store
5:00p - return home with groceries I don't usually buy because I had a coupon
start dinner and start unpacking groceries - while taking a phone call
5:25p - start shoving food down kids throats because we have to leave for soccer in 15 min!!
5:59p - walking out the door for a 6:00pm soccer practice
6:05p - drop oldest off at practice, stay for a few minutes
6:25p - load back up, take second son to his practice 7 min away
stay for a few minutes
6:45p - load back up, go get gas on the way to get oldest from his practice
7:00p - sitting in car waiting on practice to be over so I can race back to get second son
7:10p - still sitting and waiting while coach auctions off "jerseys" to a bunch of 7 year olds!!!
7:18p - arrive back at second son's practice just in time for him to get his jersey
daughter and oldest son take off for the playground
second son soon follows
7:45p - 5 min warning 
8:00p - get text from daddy asking where we are so he can Skype 
we had JUST pulled in the driveway
8:05p - kids take turns eating a cereal snack and talking to daddy on Skype
mommy finishes putting groceries away and unloading dishwasher
8:19 - send oldest up for shower
8:21 - oldest back down from shower...really???
8:23 - go up and assist second son with shower
8:27 - back down stairs and oldest starts his nightly reading...about Hammerhead Sharks tonight
8:28 - daughter eats a banana - argh - why doesn't she eat during the day!
8:35p - put daughter in bed
8:45p - send boys to bed
9:15p - feed baby one last time
9:25p - finally get last little person in the bed
9:35p - sink full of dirty dishes UGH!

Yes, I am officially a soccer mom.  Isn't this enough for one mom for one day???

What a Weekend!!!!

Our weekend got off to an early start by picking daddy up
from the airport Thursday evening for his 
first visit home in 4 weeks!!!

The kids were thrilled to see him...
mommy too!

Friday, we met with the realtor
to discuss options and ideas.
We lowered the price on the house
and quickly started preparing for 
the upcoming Open House 
on Sunday.

But before the Open House
prep got really going -
we decided to spend some quality 
time together as a family!! 
(and money!)
We got the boys new cleats for their
soccer season that just started.
Did some other running around
and errands and then wound up
at an early dinner
at my favorite Habachi place...

Saturday the fun started!  My parents came over and 
helped up tackle painting the master bath
(I de-wallpapered randomly Friday & Saturday morning)

Then Sunday morning 
more cleaning 
and yard work 
and painting...

Then off to soccer practice during the open house...
we actually had 2 people come in this time!
That is 2 more than last time!!  :)

Then daddy and I went out and celebrated our 
11th anniversary at a sushi place
I have wanted to go for awhile!
I have never been so full in MY LIFE!!!

Monday, we kept the kids out of school another day 
and we relaxed and did a few last minute
we also lowered the rental amount.

Then last night I received an e-mail asking about the rental!
The gentleman came and looked at it this morning.
This was our first "rental viewing".
Not holding my breath - but another milestone!!

On Monday - I also went ahead and signed my daughter up
for preschool starting in September.
I took the boys to a trial class for 
and they LOVED it!
R is a natural!
J did great too for a 5 yo and his first time!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Handy Mommy

There are a ton of little things that have needed doing in this house
that were pushed to the back burner.
We did the important and "bigger" things
that we could before my husband left
for Texas.
Then there were a few other smaller,
more insignificant, 
yet bothersome,
things that needed doing.

So after surfing the web,
thank you YouTube,
and digging into that
"can do" attitude
I got from my dad!
(Thanks daddy!)

I tackled a few of these items
Saturday morning!

First I replaced the air filter grate downstairs.
Right after we moved in, my oldest (then 2) found my 
little stash of acrylic paint and thought
that the all white air return grate needed a little color.
So he painted was just cosmetic and really
didn't bother me, so I left it.
But when you are trying to sell a house...
It needed doing.
So I did...



The kids tub drain lever has been messed up for a while...
but I have been scared to call a plumber about it.
Well we had a plumber here a few moths ago for another
more pressing reason and I had him look at it.
He had no idea what the problem was...
not a good sign!
So after months of hanging a wet washcloth on the lever to 
get the tub to drain...
I decided to wander down the "plumbing aisle"
at the local mega hardware store.
The lady there was GREAT and I was
SHOCKED at how
easy of a fix it was going to be!!!
So I did it!
Yep you heard me!
I fixed the broken drain lever 
in the kids tub!

Mid -fix

Once I got everything apart I had to take the old stuff to the hardware
store to make sure I was getting the right items.
I am happy to say, I walked straight to the area 
this stuff was.  Examined all of the pieces/parts
and selected what I needed.

Then while we were there the kids saw other kids
walking around the store with these wooden crafts...
Oh yeah!!!  That's today!!!
So the kids and I went back and made wooden pencil boxes...
well we assembled wooden pencil boxes.

The boys did a LOT on their own...I made them look at the directions
and figure it out...

 I even gave my daughter a hammer!!  AHHH!!!

 The finished result!  

They were very proud of their handy work.
I was too!!

So then I got home and finished my second project for the morning...

(that is NOT dirt or grime on the lever plate
it is a reflection of the toys that I left in the tub
while I fixed it!)

Although we have not officially tested it out yet, it does work
the tub does hold water!

We will give it the first go tonight at bath-time.

Don't worry - 
I am still creating a honey do list for daddy's visit this weekend!
I would hate for him to think we don't need him!

Friday, August 5, 2011


I had a revelation today that I am sad to say should NEVER have happened!
It should not have taken a revelation!!

This has been a really financially stressful couple of years.
I have prayed that God would take care of my family, financially - for 3 years!
I have thanked Him for our health and prayed for others when they needed it
(and when I slowed down to do it).

I discovered today that these past few weeks/months I have been 
INSANELY selfish in my prayers!!!
Earlier this week I we had a very profitable and promising lead
on a rental for the house...
I saw $$ and did not slow down to really
think about where this lead was coming from...
My long time pediatrician, 
yes MY pediatrician -
the man that treated me 
and both of my sisters
as children -
and now sees my children...
had a fire in his home.
Thankfully, his family and pets were ok.
But by sheer luck - 
we were contacted by someone working for the insurance
company trying to arrange temporary housing for them.
It was a very quick and potentially profitable "answer to prayer"
Not once did I stop and REALLY pray for this man and his family.
I said the right things - I am thankful no one was hurt.
But I was still so caught up in the 
"how awesome is this for ME"
attitude - I didn't truly 
stop and genuinely pray for him.

That same day - I learned that the husband of my oldest son's teacher 
(did you follow that?)
passed away that day after a long battle with cancer.
I was crushed for her!  But knew it wasn't
my place to say anything to my child or any other parents.
So I haven't said or done anything.
Then today - I decided I would go ahead and get a card for her.
While standing there in the card aisle
I was trying to find one that said just the right thing at just the right price.
Until I realized, this woman just lost her husband and I am sitting
here worried about $3 difference on a CARD!

Not once had I stopped and really thought about and prayed 
for this woman to feel God's

I was so upset with myself!  
I have truly been so wrapped up 
in my "problems" that I have totally 
lost sight of what is going on around me.

I was so ashamed that when I got in my car,
I literally started crying and praying.
First for this woman to be comforted by God
And to feel a peace about her husband's passing
Then I prayed and asked for God's forgiveness 
for my absolute selfishness lately!

Friends - 
please take a minute 
and say a prayer for someone else
right this second.  
Someone else who needs your prayers!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Two for One...

Well today is a two-fer!  You get two posts in one day...
aren't you excited???

We got another hit on our rental ad today -
it was a scammer!!!
I hit the
"flag as a scammer" 
button on the bottom of the e-mail.

I can't decide if I would rather not get
anything or if am glad that we have 
SOME interest on our ad...
even if it is a sorry sack of scammer!
Oh well.

I have had the awesome opportunity today to be a MOM!
I got to take my daughter to her
"Music and Motion" class
"sissy skoo, sissy skoo"
which she exclaims with delight as soon as we get
anywhere close to parking lot!!

Then I also got to sit and watch my 10 month old 
discover new things.  
He has a ton of toys strewn out in front of him,
thanks to above referenced daughter!
And  he is just crawling around contently examining each toy.
Poking eyes on a big stuffed bug,
Putting Weebles in their treehouse,
Sucking on the wrong end of a toy stethoscope,
Chewing and examining his sisters dress up shoes.

I wonder what's going on in that little head of his.

While sitting and enjoying this time watching him
my contentment is occasionally broken by
 the blood curdling scream 
of, again, above mentioned daughter
from the playroom as her
older brothers don't let her get her way
with whatever they are doing.

Oh the wonderful and fulfilling 
life of a mom!  

I wouldn't have it any other way...
except to have their daddy
here to enjoy this with me.


This particular rental didn't pan out...
Oh well!!

I am kinda disappointed but was REALLY getting stressed out about the 
prospect of having to be out of here in 10 days (or less).
So I am relieved about that.
And I did learn a bit about the whole rental process 
from this week's experience though...
so it wasn't a futile exercise.

My husband has purchased his first plane ticket home...
He is flying home Thursday.  That is exactly one week from today.
But who's counting??
And his 4 offspring!
We will be celebrating our 11th anniversary!
Crazy that we have been together for 12 years (and married for 11)
and still can't wait to see each other!  
(I know - Awe, How sweet!!)

The boys have both been signed up for soccer.
Practice starts next Tuesday.
They are both so excited and I am thrilled that we get to start filling
up our calendar with things to look forward to...
makes the time away from daddy a whole lot easier and quicker!

First we add soccer practices & soccer games.
Then we will add track out activities.
Then we add football games (which we will attend as long as we are here!)

So back to business as usual on this end.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Gotta Love CraigsList!

I attempted to put an ad on CraigsList for our house as a rental last week.
I got the notification and it shows up under my account...
For grins and giggles I decided to do a search
and see what other houses were available for rent in my area...
Oddly - my house did NOT show up!!!

I followed the link on my account, yep it was there,
but when you search it doesn't show up on the list...

So I reposted...
literally within MINUTES I got an e-mail
from someone inquiring...
It seemed like one of those too good to be true deals.
It was not, it was legit - BUT - 
they were doing some preliminary leg work for an 
insurance client...
So, the good news is - I got a hit immediately after the ad 
actually went up...
the bad new...
I am not sure this one will pan out.

But, as previously stated...
Its a START!!!

On a different note -
my oldest is really having a hard time with all of this.
He has gotten teary eyed twice today about not being
with his daddy. 
Unfortunately I cannot make him understand that we
cannot move without someone living in this house
and I CANNOT go grab someone off the street
and force them to live here (much to his chagrin!)

He doesn't understand how this works at all, 
all he knows is that he desperately misses his daddy.

We all do!

The Country...

We have had an eventful weekend...
we had our first showing Friday night but they decided 
that they didn't care for the layout of our house
as much as others.  
That's ok - its a START!!!  

We loaded up the beast and went to the country
to visit my grandmother - 
she hosted a small family gathering for us...
a fish fry!!

The kids did their best to catch enough fish for us to eat, but unfortunately 
they were not successful.  
They did each catch a fish or two and the baby even gave the ole rod and reel a spin!

My second son stayed outside on that fishing dock literally all day Saturday
and Sunday morning at 8:30 we were back out there!  
The only "catch" (haha) is that mommy does NOT
put worms or crickets (ICK!) on the hook!
(I did 2 worms Sun morning cause I didn't have a choice)
And my kids haven't been forced to learn it yet cause they are sticking something on a HOOK

Along with catching fish and eating fish...we did a little farming
and picked a bunch of squash
(which mommy LOVES but the kids don't eat without being forced to)
that same field produced a bunch of the most amazing creamer potatoes earlier this year
so from our country visit we came home with:

8 boxes of MacBee peaches
(only 1 box made it to my house)

3 watermelons 
(2 of those made it to my house)

~10 pounds of summer squash
(over half made it to my house)

~ 15 pounds of creamer potatoes
(most of that made it to my house)

I am truly going to miss that!  
I realize I am coming back and I will not be gone forever
but I think I will have to plan my visits around my great uncles crops!!  

Another exciting thing...
we discovered another amazing benefit of my husband's new job...
he gets comp time!
This means - he can work 4 10s and get a 3 day weekend.
So with the approval of the powers that be
he will be coming home possibly 
on the 11th
that is 10 days away!!

So glad we haven't bought that plane ticket yet!

My oldest still hasn't grasped fully what is going on...
we were talking in the car this morning on the way to school.
They have track-out coming up and 
we were talking about all of the things we were going to try and do
with the grandparents over track-out:

Grandmother's camper at the beach, 
Great Wolf Lodge with Grammy
Maybe Columbia to visit the cousins...

My oldest asked if Daddy was going to be home to go with us to GWL,
I shook my head "no".
Will he be home with us to go to the beach?
I shook my head "no".
Will daddy get to go to the waterpark with us at all?
I shook my head "no".

Then he dropped his head and started rubbing his eyes.
I kinda wish they understood but
am kinda glad they don't,
cause this is hard enough on me and my husband 
I wouldn't want them feeling like this.

The "not knowing" is hard on everyone!
And no matter how hard we try - 
we cannot predict when someone will buy or 
rent this house.

My oldest was quizzing his daddy via Skype last night about 
when we were going to Texas to be with him
when he was coming home
when someone was going to buy our house
when someone was going to rent out house...

Makes it hard when you don't have all the answers for your kids...
but we are praying every night for
"God please let someone come and buy our house soon so we can move to Texas with daddy"
then my oldest added
"or God please let someone come and rent our house so we can move to Texas with daddy and live with him"
then is little brother added
"for ever and ever - AMEN".