Friday, August 5, 2011


I had a revelation today that I am sad to say should NEVER have happened!
It should not have taken a revelation!!

This has been a really financially stressful couple of years.
I have prayed that God would take care of my family, financially - for 3 years!
I have thanked Him for our health and prayed for others when they needed it
(and when I slowed down to do it).

I discovered today that these past few weeks/months I have been 
INSANELY selfish in my prayers!!!
Earlier this week I we had a very profitable and promising lead
on a rental for the house...
I saw $$ and did not slow down to really
think about where this lead was coming from...
My long time pediatrician, 
yes MY pediatrician -
the man that treated me 
and both of my sisters
as children -
and now sees my children...
had a fire in his home.
Thankfully, his family and pets were ok.
But by sheer luck - 
we were contacted by someone working for the insurance
company trying to arrange temporary housing for them.
It was a very quick and potentially profitable "answer to prayer"
Not once did I stop and REALLY pray for this man and his family.
I said the right things - I am thankful no one was hurt.
But I was still so caught up in the 
"how awesome is this for ME"
attitude - I didn't truly 
stop and genuinely pray for him.

That same day - I learned that the husband of my oldest son's teacher 
(did you follow that?)
passed away that day after a long battle with cancer.
I was crushed for her!  But knew it wasn't
my place to say anything to my child or any other parents.
So I haven't said or done anything.
Then today - I decided I would go ahead and get a card for her.
While standing there in the card aisle
I was trying to find one that said just the right thing at just the right price.
Until I realized, this woman just lost her husband and I am sitting
here worried about $3 difference on a CARD!

Not once had I stopped and really thought about and prayed 
for this woman to feel God's

I was so upset with myself!  
I have truly been so wrapped up 
in my "problems" that I have totally 
lost sight of what is going on around me.

I was so ashamed that when I got in my car,
I literally started crying and praying.
First for this woman to be comforted by God
And to feel a peace about her husband's passing
Then I prayed and asked for God's forgiveness 
for my absolute selfishness lately!

Friends - 
please take a minute 
and say a prayer for someone else
right this second.  
Someone else who needs your prayers!

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