Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What a Weekend!!!!

Our weekend got off to an early start by picking daddy up
from the airport Thursday evening for his 
first visit home in 4 weeks!!!

The kids were thrilled to see him...
mommy too!

Friday, we met with the realtor
to discuss options and ideas.
We lowered the price on the house
and quickly started preparing for 
the upcoming Open House 
on Sunday.

But before the Open House
prep got really going -
we decided to spend some quality 
time together as a family!! 
(and money!)
We got the boys new cleats for their
soccer season that just started.
Did some other running around
and errands and then wound up
at an early dinner
at my favorite Habachi place...

Saturday the fun started!  My parents came over and 
helped up tackle painting the master bath
(I de-wallpapered randomly Friday & Saturday morning)

Then Sunday morning 
more cleaning 
and yard work 
and painting...

Then off to soccer practice during the open house...
we actually had 2 people come in this time!
That is 2 more than last time!!  :)

Then daddy and I went out and celebrated our 
11th anniversary at a sushi place
I have wanted to go for awhile!
I have never been so full in MY LIFE!!!

Monday, we kept the kids out of school another day 
and we relaxed and did a few last minute
we also lowered the rental amount.

Then last night I received an e-mail asking about the rental!
The gentleman came and looked at it this morning.
This was our first "rental viewing".
Not holding my breath - but another milestone!!

On Monday - I also went ahead and signed my daughter up
for preschool starting in September.
I took the boys to a trial class for 
and they LOVED it!
R is a natural!
J did great too for a 5 yo and his first time!

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