Monday, August 1, 2011

Gotta Love CraigsList!

I attempted to put an ad on CraigsList for our house as a rental last week.
I got the notification and it shows up under my account...
For grins and giggles I decided to do a search
and see what other houses were available for rent in my area...
Oddly - my house did NOT show up!!!

I followed the link on my account, yep it was there,
but when you search it doesn't show up on the list...

So I reposted...
literally within MINUTES I got an e-mail
from someone inquiring...
It seemed like one of those too good to be true deals.
It was not, it was legit - BUT - 
they were doing some preliminary leg work for an 
insurance client...
So, the good news is - I got a hit immediately after the ad 
actually went up...
the bad new...
I am not sure this one will pan out.

But, as previously stated...
Its a START!!!

On a different note -
my oldest is really having a hard time with all of this.
He has gotten teary eyed twice today about not being
with his daddy. 
Unfortunately I cannot make him understand that we
cannot move without someone living in this house
and I CANNOT go grab someone off the street
and force them to live here (much to his chagrin!)

He doesn't understand how this works at all, 
all he knows is that he desperately misses his daddy.

We all do!

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