Friday, August 19, 2011

Limbo - Mon!!

Limbo - that is how I would best describe our lives right now...
We are making do and staying the course
Some days are definitely easier than others.

The boys track out today -
and don't go back in until Sept 14th! 
I have a whole month with them...
by myself!!  
Thankfully reinforcements will come in the form of grandparents!
With the help of my mom and mother-in-law...
we have almost all the weekends covered already!
First weekend - beach with mom
Second weekend - Super Soccer Saturday - 
that consists of 6 (yes SIX) soccer games that my two boys will be playing in - in ONE day!
Third weekend - Labor Day - Daddy comes home again
Fourth Weekend - Waterpark with mom & mother-in-law

So that leaves me with 4 weeks worth of weekdays to keep 4 kids 

We are totally, inequivicably (not sure I spelled that right), absolutely, without a doubt...
living in a state of limbo.
However - we are all healthy and for the most part, happy.
So we can do this.

I missed the boys "Open House" at school last night where the teachers
talk about their teaching style and what to expect from her
this year and what she expects from us and the kids this year.
I didn't go...
this is TOTALLY unlike me!!!
I don't really plan on us being here that long
and didn't have a sitter
and honestly felt it would be harder on me to go
and sit and listen and visit with my other mom
friends knowing that we aren't going to be around much longer.
So I guess I am slowly making the break.
(Which brings me to tears...)

We have had quite a bit of interest in the house this week.
Sunday we had an open house with 2 attendees.
Tuesday we had a family come in twice to look at the house to rent.
Yesterday I received an e-mail asking to come and look at the house for rent today.
(Haven't heard back from them yet though)
Also yesterday, our realtor said someone wants to look at it tomorrow.

So interest is picking up and we have already this week had 3 people in here to look at it.
I know it only takes one...
our odds are increasing, right??
(Or are they decreasing??
I never officially took statistics.)

I know this is a process...
but I was never any good at
 "limbo - mon"!

(that is my pep talk to myself for the day!)

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