Monday, August 1, 2011

The Country...

We have had an eventful weekend...
we had our first showing Friday night but they decided 
that they didn't care for the layout of our house
as much as others.  
That's ok - its a START!!!  

We loaded up the beast and went to the country
to visit my grandmother - 
she hosted a small family gathering for us...
a fish fry!!

The kids did their best to catch enough fish for us to eat, but unfortunately 
they were not successful.  
They did each catch a fish or two and the baby even gave the ole rod and reel a spin!

My second son stayed outside on that fishing dock literally all day Saturday
and Sunday morning at 8:30 we were back out there!  
The only "catch" (haha) is that mommy does NOT
put worms or crickets (ICK!) on the hook!
(I did 2 worms Sun morning cause I didn't have a choice)
And my kids haven't been forced to learn it yet cause they are sticking something on a HOOK

Along with catching fish and eating fish...we did a little farming
and picked a bunch of squash
(which mommy LOVES but the kids don't eat without being forced to)
that same field produced a bunch of the most amazing creamer potatoes earlier this year
so from our country visit we came home with:

8 boxes of MacBee peaches
(only 1 box made it to my house)

3 watermelons 
(2 of those made it to my house)

~10 pounds of summer squash
(over half made it to my house)

~ 15 pounds of creamer potatoes
(most of that made it to my house)

I am truly going to miss that!  
I realize I am coming back and I will not be gone forever
but I think I will have to plan my visits around my great uncles crops!!  

Another exciting thing...
we discovered another amazing benefit of my husband's new job...
he gets comp time!
This means - he can work 4 10s and get a 3 day weekend.
So with the approval of the powers that be
he will be coming home possibly 
on the 11th
that is 10 days away!!

So glad we haven't bought that plane ticket yet!

My oldest still hasn't grasped fully what is going on...
we were talking in the car this morning on the way to school.
They have track-out coming up and 
we were talking about all of the things we were going to try and do
with the grandparents over track-out:

Grandmother's camper at the beach, 
Great Wolf Lodge with Grammy
Maybe Columbia to visit the cousins...

My oldest asked if Daddy was going to be home to go with us to GWL,
I shook my head "no".
Will he be home with us to go to the beach?
I shook my head "no".
Will daddy get to go to the waterpark with us at all?
I shook my head "no".

Then he dropped his head and started rubbing his eyes.
I kinda wish they understood but
am kinda glad they don't,
cause this is hard enough on me and my husband 
I wouldn't want them feeling like this.

The "not knowing" is hard on everyone!
And no matter how hard we try - 
we cannot predict when someone will buy or 
rent this house.

My oldest was quizzing his daddy via Skype last night about 
when we were going to Texas to be with him
when he was coming home
when someone was going to buy our house
when someone was going to rent out house...

Makes it hard when you don't have all the answers for your kids...
but we are praying every night for
"God please let someone come and buy our house soon so we can move to Texas with daddy"
then my oldest added
"or God please let someone come and rent our house so we can move to Texas with daddy and live with him"
then is little brother added
"for ever and ever - AMEN".

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