Sunday, August 7, 2011

Handy Mommy

There are a ton of little things that have needed doing in this house
that were pushed to the back burner.
We did the important and "bigger" things
that we could before my husband left
for Texas.
Then there were a few other smaller,
more insignificant, 
yet bothersome,
things that needed doing.

So after surfing the web,
thank you YouTube,
and digging into that
"can do" attitude
I got from my dad!
(Thanks daddy!)

I tackled a few of these items
Saturday morning!

First I replaced the air filter grate downstairs.
Right after we moved in, my oldest (then 2) found my 
little stash of acrylic paint and thought
that the all white air return grate needed a little color.
So he painted was just cosmetic and really
didn't bother me, so I left it.
But when you are trying to sell a house...
It needed doing.
So I did...



The kids tub drain lever has been messed up for a while...
but I have been scared to call a plumber about it.
Well we had a plumber here a few moths ago for another
more pressing reason and I had him look at it.
He had no idea what the problem was...
not a good sign!
So after months of hanging a wet washcloth on the lever to 
get the tub to drain...
I decided to wander down the "plumbing aisle"
at the local mega hardware store.
The lady there was GREAT and I was
SHOCKED at how
easy of a fix it was going to be!!!
So I did it!
Yep you heard me!
I fixed the broken drain lever 
in the kids tub!

Mid -fix

Once I got everything apart I had to take the old stuff to the hardware
store to make sure I was getting the right items.
I am happy to say, I walked straight to the area 
this stuff was.  Examined all of the pieces/parts
and selected what I needed.

Then while we were there the kids saw other kids
walking around the store with these wooden crafts...
Oh yeah!!!  That's today!!!
So the kids and I went back and made wooden pencil boxes...
well we assembled wooden pencil boxes.

The boys did a LOT on their own...I made them look at the directions
and figure it out...

 I even gave my daughter a hammer!!  AHHH!!!

 The finished result!  

They were very proud of their handy work.
I was too!!

So then I got home and finished my second project for the morning...

(that is NOT dirt or grime on the lever plate
it is a reflection of the toys that I left in the tub
while I fixed it!)

Although we have not officially tested it out yet, it does work
the tub does hold water!

We will give it the first go tonight at bath-time.

Don't worry - 
I am still creating a honey do list for daddy's visit this weekend!
I would hate for him to think we don't need him!

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  1. Love the befores and afters (: and your sweet babies and their pencil box projects!!