Thursday, December 20, 2012

NC Trip: Week 3

Week 3
is where the fun really got started!

We didn't get out of the house much
over the weekend.

So we decided to get out of the house 
on Tuesday (Oct 3)
and hit Monkey Joe's...
the broken arm happened.
You can go
for the reminder...

And as I stated at the end
of that post...
my sweet baby's broken arm
didn't slow us down for long.  

After he was fitted with his
first "cast"
we headed down to 
my grandmother's place
 in small town 
South Carolina.

We arrived Thursday night.

We always have a good time there.
She is in the middle of the woods,
with a stocked pond in her back yard,
creeks running through the property,
LOTS of nature to enjoy!

One of the activities that my sweet J
had been looking forward to

First we had to dig worms...
well when I say "we"
I mean "they"...
someone had to take pictures.  

So first thing Friday morning,
they were digging in the garden,
under rocks,
under logs...
looking for for bait.

Then, I knew we were going to figure 
out a way for him to fish...
with one arm...
I cast it out for him
then handed it to him and started to ponder...
but as I was pondering,
I saw this...

Where there is a 6 year old's will...
there is a way!

Whatever works!

Everyone took turns at getting their 
hooks wet...

Then Nana took them for a spin on the water
in her luxury yacht.

We took a break from fishing and boating,
for some good ole country cooking.

All of the veggies we ate, came from their garden!

I sent my absent sisters these pictures
of all this wonderful food,
in an attempt to make them jealous...
yes we are like that.

I sent this next one of grandmother making biscuits
with the text
"Guess what I am getting!?!?!"

To which my baby sister replies:
"A microwave?"

Har har har!

After filling our bellies with this grub...
we headed back outside for some more
time with mother nature.

We went exploring..
and I came upon this scene...

Then we had to do a little

From the looks of R,
I don't think the fish were biting...

We finally called it a day and headed back inside.
mommy always forgets that R is allergic
to grandmother's fur ball dog.
So we ended the evening with an asthma attack
and me off to Walgreens 
(because they have an awesome computer
system and stores everywhere - so they 
were able to pull up a perscription
and fill it for us!)
for some asthma meds for the oldest boy.

After doping him up
he slept well.

Saturday morning they were up
at the fishing hole bright and early

Some aunts and uncles and cousins showed up
and we painted pumpkins

had some cousin time

took some golf cart rides around the grounds

did more fishing

and more boating...

Then we said good-bye to grandmother,
and headed a little further south,
 to the city where I was born,
to go home with the cousins & aunts & uncles.

My mom & aunt did a little cooking
project with my kids
and made me birthday cookies.
I stayed far, far away
for that project!

Sunday morning,
we hit the zoo
with all of our animals in tow.

We had to stop for a photo op
and let them pose with the lions.

Then the best part of the ENTIRE day
was spending some time in the bird aviary!

And you can tell how much fun we had by the 
looks on the faces in the following pictures.
I hope I don't get in trouble for posting 
any of these!!  (wink, wink)

Mr. T trying to get the bird to get on his arm.
Too cute!!

The other little cousin there was not as
impressed with the closeness of the birds!

This crazy lady is my momma!  
I love this picture!!
The birds loved landing in hair...
just glad they didn't do anything else up there!

She was such a good sport
and I think had a little bit of fun too!

Chugging along...
Week 4 is up next.
BEST pictures YET
are on their way!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

NC Trip: Week 2

NC Trip:

YES this was MONTHS ago -
but things are a bit busy...
especially with the holidays!

So here goes week 2 of our NC Trip...

Week 2

Week 2 started off with my pregnant sister in the hospital
in labor...
but not hard enough labor to keep her.

Me & her mother-in-law 
(who happens to be the godmother of my 2 youngest)
were going to go to one of my favorite parks
and have lunch and just enjoy the 
updated park.
It had undergone major renovations
and we had not seen it since it had

So Tuesday morning my sister calls
and informs me she would not be 
joining us at the park.
I asked her why not...
she said she was
in the hospital preparing for her baby!
(I proceeded to call her a brat - what sisterly love!)

So we spent all Tuesday in the hospital 
waiting for my nieces arrival.
See that posting 
if you missed it.

Wednesday we had decided to meet my 
college roommate and the godmother
of my oldest two 
and all of her crew at a children's museum
in Greensboro.
It was halfway between her house and my parents.
We had a BALL!!!

Here are a few pictures from our day:

Wild Thing all decked out and 
ready for the day.

Mr. T loves shopping...

And he took the cash register off the counter,
put it down on the bottom shelf
then proceeded to lay down on the floor
and play with it...
I dunno...

My god-daughter, her little brothers & J,
treated us to a little performance...

A little finger painting...

Then we got to play in and explore
some real life, 
true to size
neat vehicles!

I am not sure I want 
any race care drivers
or truck drivers in my future...

But then again -

I don't think we have to worry about this one
becoming a race car driver!

And this just doesn't seem right...

Neither does this one...

And yes,
I totally let her do this...
and stood back and took pictures while
it was happening too.
I don't think Mr. T screamed too loudly...

This was our crew!

We had a great time!!

we had made plans to go see our sweet 
girl we used to live next door to...
she had started her first year at UNC.
(Better known as "pew"-NC around our house)

I told her so many times that she was the 
reason I had ever stepped foot on that blue campus.

And as much as I
to admit it!
The campus was 
Absolutely beautiful!
Dern it!

Here is the view from 
just outside her dorm room.

We had to go to 
"The Old Well"
I actually drank from it.
So not only did I go to the campus...
but I drank their water too!

We had a great time hanging out with her.
It was nice to see our sweet friend
and we were so happy to see
she was doing well at school.
She is a little smarty pants
and will do well!

(Side note:
Apparently, I have met my limit on pictures 
through blogger.  So it is a little more involved and 
time consuming to get pictures on here...
I am considering moving to my own site...
bare with me...)