Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why We are Here!!!

Why we are where??

Why we are back in NC...

My amazing and beautiful sister and her husband,
were blessed with their first child on Sept 25th.
Lucy Mae!

We were so thankful and blessed to be able to be
here with them to celebrate and witness the joy
of these two parents on the arrival of this
precious gift from God.

My oldest is smitten!!
He is such a baby lover,
has been since his little brother, J, was born
when R was 22 mo old.
R never left J's side.

My poor sweet girl has had a bit of a lingering cough,
so we aren't letting her anywhere near the baby
and it is torturing her! 
But she is managing well!!

And Mr. T, well he is just not that interested to tell you the truth,
and doesn't get jealous when I hold her either.

But THIS is why we packed our family
up and drove 1500 miles...


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