Monday, August 29, 2011

The Changing Tides

One chapter of my life officially closed tonight...
it is bittersweet.
I have put so much into my last job over the past year and a half...
my husband and I have put so much of ourselves
into our small business.  
He left the business about 6 weeks ago...
I stayed on to help with the transition
I knew I would be relinquishing my responsibilities eventually
But tonight 
- kinda unexpectedly - 
my responsibilities were carried out of my house.
It all fit on 1 thumb drive 
and in 2 boxes


The SINGLE thing 
that has kept me from my kids
and in front of this computer hour after hour
for the past year and a half...
just walked out my door
at 9:30pm on a Monday night.

So now I look forward...
the soccer practice shuffle is tomorrow night
Wednesday - there is something but I am not sharing yet (might not materialize)
Thursday - my sweet husband comes home again
Friday - a full day with daddy!
Saturday - our first NC State football game of the season!!!
Sunday - no major plans
Monday - an early celebration of our youngest son turning 1
(so daddy can attend too!)
Tuesday - put daddy back on the plane to Texas and the soccer practice shuffle...
Life goes on...

I have been spending more time with my kids and less time in front of my computer lately.
And I am glad that this chapter is closing.
Are there more changes coming this week???

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