Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Daddy's Visit...

First off - it makes me sad to realize that my husband is just
"coming home to visit"...

We had a WONDERFUL weekend!!
I had a small honey-do list ready for my sweet husband.
But he had LOTS of help!!

We picked him up LATE Thursday night and put him back on the plane
this afternoon - so we got 4 1/2 days with him!!

Daddy's Honey Do List:
- Lower T's Bed
- Fix the screen door
- Fix the gate to the fence
- Fix the fan in the bedroom
- Mow the grass

- Enjoy your family!!!

We did all of that and threw in a few fun things too...

First the chores...

Fix the screen door - Check!
Lower T's bed - Check!
(She helped with this one too I just didn't capture the evidence)

Fix the gate - check!
Fix the fan - check!
(No evidence here either - gotta trust me!)

Mow the grass - check!
(However I do think he got off a little easy on this one...
looks like the boys are doing all the hard work!)

While we were all outside enjoying the weather
(and not leaving daddy's side)...
daddy had to check out his "Texas Tree"...
When R was 2 and J was about 4 months old,
we flew to Texas for a visit.
While we were there - we went to a park and while the kids and I were playing
daddy sat under a mesquite tree and peeled a bunch of seeds out of their pods.
He put them in a baggy and we brought them home to plant.
We started out with about 12 plants and
we wound up planting 2 in our backyard here...
that was over 5 years ago...

Here is the lone survivor and needless to say
Daddy is PROUD!

He likes this plant so much that he had already decided
we would be taking it with us when we left this house...
this was BEFORE we knew we were moving to Texas where these things 
grow ALL OVER!

Then it was time to relax!

(No they haven't missed him!!)

Saturday we went to our first NC State football game of the season...

(yes this is where our kids watch the game from...
has been their seats for the past 3 years!!!!)

Super Mario made an appearance.


Post-game photo op...

(Posing with the brick we purchased YEARS ago!)

Sunday we relaxed and did more chores (I think that's when the grass actually got mowed...)

Monday - we had a small celebration for T's First Birthday!!!
He doesn't turn 1 til Sept 23, but we weren't sure
when daddy would make it home again...
so we decided to celebrate a little early.

A did not leave her daddy's side the ENTIRE weekend...
she was his little helper every where he went
and then tonight after we put him on the airplane, 
while we were making dinner,
she asked
"Where daddy go?"
I told her he was going back to Texas
her response
"No Texas, airport - he be right back"

Sorry baby girl...its gonna be another few weeks.

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  1. Awe. What a sweet weekend! And sweet Alexis wanting her daddy to be right back. So glad you got 4 1/2 days together!