Sunday, September 18, 2011

STEP 2 - Check!


We have had a very busy few weeks.
We were blessed with LOTS of interested
renters on our home in the last 2 weeks.
Long drawn out story - 
but the first couple
that came to see the home 
decided they wanted to rent it!
I am VERY pleased with this outcome!
I think our house will be in good hands!!

Now the next stressful part - finding a place for us to live in Texas!
However, after 3-4 days of SOLID searching on-line...
it is quite possible that we found a house today!
Hubby is going to check it out as soon as I can 
get an appointment for him.
The school is GREAT!
There is a Starbucks, Target, Kohl's and Barnes & Noble 
(among tons of other stores)
literally 5 minutes away...

I have already found an amazing looking church less than 10 min away.
(including a scout troop for the boys & a MOMs group for the mom (me!))
Found a great looking preschool for our daughter less than 10 min away.

Now we just gotta hope we get this house!

We are still figuring out logistics...
so no move date yet.

I am starting the really big purge...
tagging items for a consignment sale this weekend.
And donating what doesn't sell, so once it leaves this house...
it is NOT coming back!!  
(I am a HUGE packrat, so this is HARD for me!!!)

Once we find the house and sign the lease for the new house
we will set a move date and it will probably occur in 2 phases...
Phase 1 - all the stuff goes
Phase 2 - all the people go
But we are still working this part out.

Once the move date is officially set - the packing and more serious purging begins!
I am so thankful everyone is back in school.
But then again - the boys have been such big helps lately...
I might wish they were home with me to help!! 

Will keep you posted!

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