Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Let the Fun Begin!!!

Step One:  Find a renter or a buyer for current house...
Step Two:  Find a home to rent in Texas...
Step Three:  Start the move process...
Lord Help Me!!!

Flights have not been booked
Rental trucks have not been reserved 
it appears that the weekend of the big move
just so happens to be
the weekend of my 34th birthday!
What a present...

However - I have to get through this week first!
On the schedule:
Irene bought us a new roof - so that will be done this week
Inside we are getting some work done as well - that will ALSO be done this week
(guys came today to clear out the boys bedroom...
they will get to sleep on mattresses on the floor for the next 2 weeks)
Packing has begun (one box at a time - I have only done 5 so far)
Work needs to be done on the car - that will also be this week

Meanwhile - there is still
carpool twice a day
(four times on Wednesday)
the soccer practice shuffle tonight
breakfast, lunch and dinners to fix
baths to give
homework to do

I am so thankful that we can afford to do all of this stuff now
it still HURTS...
But it is finally do-able!

I have shed a LOT of tears over the last few days 
I am almost certain
that this will be the most emotional birthday of my life!

But I am trying to remember that we chose to do this...
and once we get settled and back to being a family...
I will, again, be thankful...

Right now - I am still somewhat in a state of dread and fear.

What am I dreading?
Being away from everything I have known my entire life
(but I am looking forward to that part as well)

What do I fear?
I fear that we will never be back...

What is the hardest part of all of this?
The fact that it is SOOOOOOOO far away...

I was talking to a lady today at Starbucks and had the babies with me...
Just in that short conversation - 
she said she could tell that I was a strong, independent woman
and that I was going to be FINE. 

I thanked her and told her I appreciated all the encouragement I could get right now.

I am looking forward to joining my best friend and partner in life again...
We have tackled so much together these past few years.

I have said MANY prayers through ALL of this...
one of my most recent ones has been asking God just to keep my family together.
Just keep the 6 of us together and we will be ok.

By October 15th, my family will be back together!

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