Sunday, September 25, 2011

Long Good-byes

The kids. my mom and I went to my grandmother's this weekend
for a quick trip.
We went down for a family reunion 
which includes a group of ladies known as
"the crazy aunts".
They are my late grand-daddy's sisters and
they are NUTS!
And I love every minute of it.
It was nice to see people I haven't seen in a while
and I got my first dose of saying my first good-byes.

I like to think my extended family is close...
we used to be a whole lot closer though.
We would spend a week at the beach together
We were always doing stuff, and seeing each other
(at least it felt that way).

Today - I quite possibly told
2 of my aunts
1 of my uncles
and my grandmother

Those were the longest hugs today...

And it really makes me dread the other goodbyes that are coming.

I am excited that my family,
my husband,
our 4 kids
will be back together
back under one roof
daddy will be coming home to us every evening
we will get to see him every weekend...

But I am saying good-bye to my sisters, my dad and my mom...
My mom and I kinda grew up together...
We have been through a lot together...
And up until about 3 years into my marriage...
she was my absolute best friend.
My mom knew more about me than most moms know 
about their daughters.
I know I am lucky to have had my mom
right down the street for so many years...

But for the first time in my life...
my mom will not be 15 min away...

She will be 22 hours away,
by car
and 5 hours
by air.

That is going to be the hardest good-bye
and I am 
looking forward to that

But its coming
and its coming fast...

we have

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