Tuesday, September 20, 2011

God is good!!!

Hubby and I have been dealing with A LOT 
the past few weeks...
heck - 
the past few years!

It all started with a nasty friendship breakup for me...
then a miscarriage
then a lost job/main source of income...
All within a 12 month period...

we have been taken care of 
provided for through ALL 
of this.

We have done our part and grieved when necessary,
then rejoiced when we had our little "Ms."
less than a year after our miscarriage.

We have scrimped and saved and pinched every last penny...
(who would have guessed you could feed a family of 6 
on $100/week?!?!)

Then slowly - things have been presenting themselves
to us in ways we wouldn't have imagined...
and opportunities we wouldn't have dreamed...
(well, I wouldn't have - who'd a thunk I would be heading to TEXAS????)

It is amazing and humbling to see how things have worked out
"just right, just in time"
I realize it has not been in "my" time...
Apparently God and I have a MUCH different

But we are all happy and healthy!

I am thankful that we are realizing these opportunities 
that are being presented to us.

We are still figuring out a lot as we go 
but thankfully, 
if we don't know the answer to something
we are engineers 
(well hubby is anyways - I can't claim to be officially)
we will research it and figure it out..
or ask someone!

And let me just tell you...
is a dangerous thing!
(In a good way!!)

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