Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Soccer Mom - I am!

6:30a - awoken by the pitter patter of little feet in my room telling me she had to pee
7:00a - everyone is up and getting ready for the day
7:15a - breakfast
7:50a - headed to morning carpool
8:00a - home to work
9am - man comes by to see the house (says he is sending his wife later)
9:15a - back to work
11:30a - lunch for the babies
12:30 - my daughter puts herself down for a nap
(I am still working)
2:00p - go through ad and coupons and make grocery list
2:30p - man calls and asks if his wife can come to see the house
(can't do it now - leaving for carpool in 15 min ask if we can do it at 4:30)
2:45p - get daughter up from bed and throw her and the baby in the car for 
afternoon carpool
3:00p - sitting in carpool line and realize I have my coupons but forgot my list
call man and tell him I can meet daughter and wife at 3:30 since I have to go home
3:20 - call neighbor and ask if she can come over while I show the people the house
3:30 - arrive home, neighbor gets there just as people are arriving
4:00 - people leave, load 4 kids back into the car to go to the grocery store
5:00p - return home with groceries I don't usually buy because I had a coupon
start dinner and start unpacking groceries - while taking a phone call
5:25p - start shoving food down kids throats because we have to leave for soccer in 15 min!!
5:59p - walking out the door for a 6:00pm soccer practice
6:05p - drop oldest off at practice, stay for a few minutes
6:25p - load back up, take second son to his practice 7 min away
stay for a few minutes
6:45p - load back up, go get gas on the way to get oldest from his practice
7:00p - sitting in car waiting on practice to be over so I can race back to get second son
7:10p - still sitting and waiting while coach auctions off "jerseys" to a bunch of 7 year olds!!!
7:18p - arrive back at second son's practice just in time for him to get his jersey
daughter and oldest son take off for the playground
second son soon follows
7:45p - 5 min warning 
8:00p - get text from daddy asking where we are so he can Skype 
we had JUST pulled in the driveway
8:05p - kids take turns eating a cereal snack and talking to daddy on Skype
mommy finishes putting groceries away and unloading dishwasher
8:19 - send oldest up for shower
8:21 - oldest back down from shower...really???
8:23 - go up and assist second son with shower
8:27 - back down stairs and oldest starts his nightly reading...about Hammerhead Sharks tonight
8:28 - daughter eats a banana - argh - why doesn't she eat during the day!
8:35p - put daughter in bed
8:45p - send boys to bed
9:15p - feed baby one last time
9:25p - finally get last little person in the bed
9:35p - sink full of dirty dishes UGH!

Yes, I am officially a soccer mom.  Isn't this enough for one mom for one day???

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