Friday, July 29, 2011

Just the Beginning??

I feel like the flood gates might be opening a little more...
We are going to my grandmother's for the weekend
and I had started cleaning up a little around 3:30ish
I got a call at 4:15 telling me that we had our
at 5:15!
That was 1 hour!!!
Thankfully we have worked so hard over the past few weeks
that it was pretty easy to do a quick run through the house.  

I have used an odd addage to describe selling a house...
Just like getting pregnant - it only takes once!  :)
- And I know, it has happened 4 times for me! -

It just takes one person to like your house...
I don't have high hopes that this person was "THE" person
but it was a START!  And that is HUGE to me.  

Meanwhile - I am at peace with all of this.  I know it will happen!
I know it will...

My sisters both subscribe to a couple of different blogs where Christian women 
write little devotionals and inspirations...

They both sent me the same one a couple of days ago talking about 
trusting God to take care of you and your needs.  
He has so far and I trust that He will continue.
And He has reminded me frequently that "I" 
am NOT in control.
HE IS!!! 

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