Saturday, July 23, 2011

Open House

I have worked tirelessly on this house for weeks - with the help of my mom, baby sister and hubby (before he left).  Today we had our first open house.  Guess how many people showed up...


I feel like all the wind has just been let out of my sail!  Everything with this "move" has happened SOOOOO fast!  We were praying that this would follow suit.  I know it just takes one person to walk in and love it.  And it has only been 2 weeks, but when not one person has even come to look at it...

And what doesn't help is the daily questions from the kids about when we are going to Texas. 

I don't have an answer - I am not in control AT ALL on this!  It is so hard to hand this over to God.  I am a worrier by nature and by lineage (yes we get it from our mother).  But I have honestly been trying not to think of all of the "what ifs" lately.  I will make myself crazy.  I am one who needs to have a plan B if plan A doesn't work out.  I have tried to let go of that "worry" lately.  But today I am not doing a very good job!

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