Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Timing is EVERYTHING...

As I stated yesterday, my husband got laid off on July 11, 2008 and when he got this offer in Texas, they wanted him to start on July 11, 2011.  Coincidence?  I think NOT!!

We have had his car listed on Craigslist for weeks, we have gotten some interest but no one has come to look at it.  He has only been in Texas a few days, but NEEDS a he started looking and doing a little wishful thinking.  :) Then he found one that would work and the price was right...meanwhile, back here in NC, someone contacted me about the red car sitting here and asked to come and look at it.  (I was of the mindset that if he made it over here - he wasn't leaving without the car - just cause I didn't want to have to deal with it anymore.)  Well we negotiated a somewhat reasonable price and the car was sold.  That night, I get an e-mail from my hubby saying he had already bought a replacement!  Really??  The money wasn't even officially in the bank yet?!?!  But what timing!!!  Again, coincidence?  Again...I think NOT!!

We have our first open house this weekend for the house.  As I said yesterday, we have had 166 hits on the website for the house - most of which I am SURE are family and friends.  But that's ok.  I have looked at it too!!  The realtor said that the showings will come.  I am praying for God timing to be QUICK.  Everything else about this has happened so quick but I know He does things on His own time...and not on ours.  I know many people who can attest to that!

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