Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To Sell or To Rent? That is the question!

I had a long discussion with our realtor yesterday and the long and short of it is...the market STINKS!  Yes houses are selling...but our realtor has 17 houses listed right now and ONE got a showing last week.  

So we discussed renting the house - 
which sounds like the way to go, but if we rent, we can't buy out there.  
Which might not be a bad thing...
I have heard the rental market is pretty hot right now from many sources...
apartment buildings are flying up because people are a little more hesitant
to purchase and banks are making it harder to purchase.

The good news is - if we decide to put the house up for rent...
rumor has it that they only stay vacant for about 30 days before they are rented!
But do we want that hassle?  
We already have a volunteer for property manager...
(Thanks Dad!)

Do we just try to sell at almost any cost?
Do we try to rent and just push off the attempted sell for another year?  
Do the kids and I just stay here indefinitely?
What is the "smart" thing to do??

Decisons, decisions, decisions...

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