Thursday, July 28, 2011

At what cost??

I have spent a lot of time making phone calls, 
creating spreadsheets, 
doing research 
and trying to figure things out this week.

Things are starting to happen 
- nothing new on the move - 
but things are finally changing for the better...

I am calmer this week than I have been since this whole thing started.
I know everything is happening in God's time,
not mine...
I am a control freak and everything about this house is out of my control...
I can't just pack up everything and walk away...
I am seeing things happen on all fronts but the housing situation...

We know the best financial decision is for us to stay up here until the house sells 
and my husband stays down there,
what is the best financial decision that gets us back together as a family??
That is what I want to know... 

I know there are thousands of military families whose spouses are overseas 
and they don't know when they will get to talk to them again,
or when they will get to see them again.
But they do know it will be a LONG time.  
I try to remember that, I do...
But we don't HAVE to do this...

so what is the "cost" 
is it worth it??

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