Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reverse Psychology???

Some people respond well to reverse I have decided to try it!

Tomorrow I am signing the boys up for fall soccer (well trying to - we missed the deadline).  Next Monday I am signing my daughter up for preschool at the church my second son just "graduated" from.  I am going to attempt to sign my daughter up for a second class at the community center.  Maybe if I get us engrossed in life here, the house will sell...right??

My husband has finally decided he doesn't like being without us.  The first week was a vacation I guess.  :)  So our "worst case scenario" of November, he just moved up to September.  :)  But then there is the whole - what if the house doesn't sell scenario.  Which leads me to another item on my "to do list" for this to the realtor about how to get this house sold!  What are we doing wrong???  I know the market stinks right now - I know that.  I know it has only been 2 weeks, but it has also been half a month!  I know its all about location, location, location.  When we bought this house - we expected to be here for a LONG time...a REALLY LONG TIME!!!  Not forever, but close to it...

So now what?  We continue on with life here in NC.  I am going to immerse us in activities (that I can handle on my own).  And see what happens.  I can get everyone to soccer practice. I am getting my weekly menu back in line (no more "What am I going to make for dinner tonight?" at 4:30...)

When I told a friend of ours we were moving to Texas, she informed me that a very good friend of theirs just got transferred to Tennessee and their house sold in 3 weeks!!!  I gotta find out what they did!  :)

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