Thursday, August 22, 2013

Birthday Beach Trip

For Jackson's birthday
we decided on a family adventure
instead of a party.
So we went camping.
TENT Camping!

So for Rico's birthday,
we decided on a trip to the beach.
My grandmother has a semi-permanent
camper down there at a campground,
and the kids and I visited on our trip
back to NC last year.
We have been a couple of times,
and I knew it would be a great
way to celebrate Rico's birthday.

We just had to find a weekend that wasn't 
slam packed with other things.

So we finally found a few day.
I invited my mom along.
She took a couple of days off of work,
then my cousins got wind that we were going 
and they showed up too!
It was awesome!

The more the merrier in our family!

So we all squished into the camper
(with a florida room attached).
And had a ball!

Daddy was supposed to join us on Friday after work,
but was feeling under the weather
and decided not to make the trip.
We missed him
but still had a ball!

Here are just a few of the favorites from our trip:

A beach trip wouldn't be complete
without a sand covered baby!

Good gracious -
she is getting so big so fast!

The three younger kids
kept on the shore
and played in the sand
and at the edge of the water,
most of the time.

 Mr. T even let Cousin Kara
cover him in sand!
I couldn't believe it!!

We couldn't seem to keep those little toes 
covered though!

All that sand was hard to get out 
from underneath!

Dern that is a cute kid!

While the others were 
playing on shore...
I couldn't keep Rico out of the water!!

The boogie boards they are using 
are 15+ years old!
My sisters and I used them when we were 
still living at home and doing family beach trips
as teens!

Then Nana & Papa got the boys
skim boards!
Rico LOVES it!

And he's getting pretty good at it!

This is what happens when you recycle clothes
as long as I do.
This bathing suit is probably close to 9 years old
and is now on its third kid!
So the elastic is SHOT!

That means,
the wearer 
walks around 
with his bathing suit
hanging around below his BUM!

We were following him around
pulling those britches up...

Didn't last long...

That suit made its way into the trash as soon
as the trip was over!

This is Mr. T's FAVORITE 
past time!


Falling backwards into them...

Falling forwards into them...

Flipping into them...

Jumping over(ish) them...

And the BEST part!
Belly flops into them!

 We also saw our share of sealife on this trip!

The crew is checking out something interesting here...

These are some of the creatures we saw:

(not sure what this one is - any ideas?)

Then this nice big sea snail.

Sandy baby beach kiss!

(Have I mentioned lately how happy I am that we are home!)

Rico said this was the best birthday trip ever!

Says it all for me!

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