Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Belated Mother's Day

Mother's Day

As you know we spent Mother's Day celebrating 
the reason I am a mom!  
R's 8th birthday.

And considering how late I was getting 
my mom her birthday
Mother's Day stuff this year
(horribly late!)

It is only fitting that mine was late too...

Last week after church, we stopped by the 
sports store and got my Mother's Day present. 

(I cannot NOT comment on my sytlin' 6 yo here!!
I am loving the outfit - 
he picked it all out himself - 
we did have to request that he change out of his
khaki cargo shorts and into blue jeans)

So once we got this contraption home,
daddy spent the next day or so cleaning and 
checking my bike 
(that hadn't been ridden in probably 9 years)
and his "new" hand-me-down bike from his dad
(who is about 4" shorter)

We finally got the chance to go for our first EVER family bike ride.

The set up!

The cargo/passengers.

And we are READY!!!
(not the most flattering picture of me,
and I considered not posting it, 
but everyone else looks great in this pic,
so here it is...)

Daddy and R ventured up this hill...

J & the cargo and I waited at the bottom for our adventurers...

Show off!

R wobbled quite a bit at the top and all I could do is hold my breath!

 It was fun and we can't wait to do it again!!!

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