Friday, May 18, 2012

There's A First Time For Everything...

And this weekend - my crew had a first!

We took our first solo vacation as a family of 6!!!

We have been BLESSED to live near family
and have ALWAYS vacationed 
WITH family.

This past weekend, 
we ventured out for our 
first family trip

Me and the hubs were the only
Whoa Nelly!
And we took the kids 
(all under age 8 - now)
to an indoor water park!

Were we nuts!?!?!?

It was GREAT!!! 
My sweet husband and I make such a good team.

Our trip started on Sunday morning.
We loaded up the beast,
then piled in and 
hit the road for a 5 hour trip north!

According to the handy dandy navigation feature
on our phones, we were supposed to arrive in Dallas
around 3pm.
We were headed straight for the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.
(yes for Mother's Day)
The kids and I had visited the stadium on our move.

We finally found the opportunity to go back with Daddy.
We decided to take the kids on a little 
trip instead of doing the whole birthday party thing this year.
We were supposed to make this trip to Dallas in April, 
but life happened and we didn't get around to it until 
which just happened to coincide with R's birthday weekend.

So back to the this trip...

It was a nice trip.
Daddy commented a bit into the drive,
that they were doing better than he thought they would.

We arrived at the stadium shortly after 2pm.
Daddy was in awe
and had a great smile plastered on his face
the whole time!!

Although I didn't get any close ups of that smile - 
here are a few we did manage to snap in the stadium.

The big boys all took turns kicking a PAT.
Daddy claims he actually made one, 
but I miss it.

QB Daddy is setting up a play 
and directing his wide receivers, 
R & J

R made the catch!

 Meanwhile, J is doing cartwheels down the field.

 A & T were walking the letters
in the end zone.

What a pretty football player!

The ball is almost as big as T is!!

Then daddy tried to get ONE picture of the 4 of them
in front of one of the field level boxes...
he just wanted ONE picture...

R, sit up.
T, look over here.

J, sit up.
A, look over here.

J, A & T - seriously - 
look at Daddy!

Will you guys please look at daddy!!!


Forget it - close enough!!

Mommy & A in front of the cheerleader locker.
Look at the size of them shorts!
No way man!!

Yep - he's a star!

We asked a nice couple to take our picture in the star.
It was out of focus,
but you get the idea.

This one is in the Cowboys Locker Room.
(there's that smile on daddy!)

Then this time, they had a few sets of pads
and jerseys that people could try on.

Absolutely hilarious!!!

R resisted, mainly because we were giggling so 
much at J, but he didn't have a choice.

My Cowboys!

Even had names on the jerseys.

J had a hard time getting his off and right before I snapped,
he was walking around with it over his head
and all you could see where legs,
it was pretty stinking funny!

J and I walked up a few flights of steps
and then took this of the rest of the crew.

When we finally left we passed the Texas Rangers Stadium.
And is the home field of a guy I went to high school with.
Well my sisters went to high school with him
I went with his older brother.
you might have heard of him...
Josh Hamilton
(shameless plug there, I know)

That was all Day 1!

Tomorrow, Days 2 & 3.
Its hard to take pictures when you are chasing a 19 mo 
who thinks he can swim
(or atleast thinks he can keep up with his older siblings without drowning!)


  1. Looks like you had a blast! I'm still hung up on the indoor water park. Do they really have those? I've never seen one in CA...all ours are outdoor!

    1. I am so behind...its been a busy weekend, I will try to get to the indoor water park pics today! HA! It will blow your mind!!!