Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Perfect!!

God has blessed me with an 8 year old!

My oldest turned 8 on Sunday,
so I got to share Mother's Day with him
(but he IS the reason I am a mom, so its ok)

As you know, every year, I make the kids cakes.
R couldn't make up his mind.
He started thinking about it and talking about it
2 months ago.
His ideas were all over the place too:
football & baseball
scouting with a bb gun and bow & arrow
waterslide cake
Angry Birds
Tae Kwon Do cake 

So the week of,
I started getting a little impatient and told him
if he didn't decide, I would!

So he made a list and went through and methodically
crossed out ideas.

He settled on a cake with waterslides.
So I started hunting the internet
and consulted another cake buddy.
I got a couple of ideas
and was doing lots of figuring,
in my head.

Then my sweet boy,
presented me with this:

His cake design,
complete with side views 
and dimensions
(look closely at the top of the page)

Um, ok, I can do that.
Then we decided to mix things up.
He is not a "huge" cake eater...
so I suggested an ice cream cake.

(why keep things simple?)

I started off with a plan and modified along the way,
then regretted said modifications.

Let's just say
frosting an ice cream cake with 
cool whip then trying to decorate with canned icing
(which I never use)
Not my best idea!!

And trying to "figure things out" while the cake is 
sitting on the counter waiting on me...
not the best idea either!
Ya think!!

Here is a pictorial of how it all went down! 

The players:

Assistant Coach: 

Luckily, I have 3 pans the exact same size...
These two held cake:

The third one: 
The ice cream.

I got creative here.  
My oldest's favorite ice cream flavor is 
mint chocolate chip
(yet one more way he is like his daddy)

The two of them are the only ones who like 
that flavor, so I talked him into a second flavor too.
Cause there is no way I am letting him eat a whole cake
by himself and it just wouldn't be nice to 
have a cake flavor that no one else
(but dad)
likes (like his siblings).

(even though I get a cake that daddy doesn't like)

Anyways, we settled on
half mint chocolate chip
half chocolate chip cookie dough

Here it is:

Pop this bad boy in the freezer while the cake cooks and cools.

Unfortunately, I was so excited about how the cake look assembled,
and pre-iced, 
I showed daddy but forgot to take a picture to show you guys!
Sorry bout that!

So again a reminder of the design:

And the result:

Not my favorite cake...but it was exactly what 
my child drew.
I was really proud of how close I got to his design.

However, that was the only good picture of the cake,
cause the melting started quickly!!

Here you will notice the trim is melting off the back left side of the cake.

(why is it the baby's head on the far left is the only thing in focus?)

The birthday boys is attempting to cut his frozen, ice cream cake.
The cake was still VERY frozen,
however, as you can see...
the trim is melting all down the side of the cake.

 Here are both flavors of the ice cream.

And here you can see just how bad and ugly the outside got.

But as I was cleaning up the kitchen afterwards,
I asked the birthday boy what he thought of his cake.

And he literally exclaimed:

It's Perfect!

Well there ya go!
Good enough for me.

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