Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Birds (& more)

Man - those baby birds are growing

I have snapped a couple of pictures,
but I really need to get another one - 
they are overflowing out of the nest!!

The kids continue to enjoy watching them 
throughout the day.

Here are a couple of pictures I have taken over the last
10 days or so.
They are 2 weeks old today

I have lightened some of them so you can actually see the birds better.

They were born on Thursday, April 26th.

Here they are at 4 days old
taken on Monday, April 30th

Then the following were all taken on May 3rd.
They were 1 week old here.

Here they are 9 days old.
Taken on May 5th.

Then this one was taken May 7th
(11 days)
I thought it was cute that mommy can't fit in the 
nest anymore,
so she perches on the side.

Daddy is not in the picture,
but he is just off to the right,
helping out.
What a good daddy!!

Then I grabbed this one Thursday morning, 
May 10th.
Happy 2 week birthday baby birds
(and Nana!)

Besides bird watching,
we did manage to do a few other things last week.

First off,
On Sunday,
we joined my family back in NC
via Skype for a 
"Gender Reveal Party".

(we are on the computer - this was taken of us in NC)

My sister & her hubby invited their friends and family
over for a cookout. 
Then for dessert,
she made cupcakes that had 
a color that would reveal the
sex of their baby.

To include us on the reveal,
she called a local bakery
and had them help out
by baking us a couple of cupcakes
with the middle revealing the secret.

The cupcakes were yummy.
And it was so neat to participate with the family.

And for the record...
I was right!

we did manage to 
make it to PE last week.

And I have a couple of engineers on my hands!

The object of the game was to run from one end of the court
to the other and get a colored block.
They had to do something interesting on the way down but
I can't remember what it was.
Then build a tower as tall as you could
and it had to support the bean bag.

Here is the boys' team's first attempt:

R is threatening everyone who even breathes on it!

(kinda scary looking)

Then their second attempt:

Then A doing her thing at the other end of the court 
with the blocks she went and stole out of the pile.

And T climbing stairs...
nope, no rest for mommy.

Then Tuesday,
we went to Tae Kwon Do...

R & J took Tae Kwon Do during co-op
this past semester and they really enjoyed it
especially R.
And their teacher was hosting a summer class 
on the other side of town.
R had been working us for WEEKS about attending
this class.
I really wanted to let him do it,
the price was right,
but the location was NOT!

We finally gave in
but I was off on the start date.
Thankfully his instructor e-mailed me
about uniforms on Monday
and told me she had found one
and that she would bring it the next day...
to which I responded:
"Will we see you tomorrow?"
Yep - class starts!
UGH - so much for having my Tuesdays off.

So we went to Tae Kwon Do
me & the littles sat in the back.

They followed along.

I posted about that last week,
that is when we made our Apple Parfaits. 

R also has made a friend at dance class.

He now looks forward to seeing this little baby 
and making him smile and laugh
(then starts in on me about wanting 
another sibling! - no comment)

we went to our co-op end of semester party
which included a visit from Dinosaur George.
He brought lots of neat stuff 
(although I didn't stay inside to listen)
I did, however, walk in to see him 
holding this up!

Mercy...this is the nose of a T-Rex!

Then Friday - 
I took this picture.

I will explain why in the next post.

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