Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So much to do....

So little time!!

Especially when you are as unorganized
as I am lately!

The sad thing is, 
I have all these great ideas
and ways to fix it!
Just the implementation,
that is the hard part.

I have finally decided on the 
books for our schooling next year.
Yes, I flip flopped
second guessed
considered returning ALL the books
I had to go with a different program.
But in the end, I chose to use what I have
and just "complete" my set.

We are mainly using Abeka,
with Catholic religion and crafts/art
thrown in.
I have a VERY ambitious list for this year
of things to accomplish.
I will post more later.

In the mean time, 
I have a TON of updates for you
because things have just been nuts
the past week.
(I know you have missed us)

We just got back from a quick
to the Dallas area
(more on that in another post)
and rolled back in here at 11:15pm last night
Daddy was up at 5:15am
and off to work.
(Bless his heart!)

I am still thinking about trying to get up
before the baby forces me out of bed...
THINKING about it.
But, dern it, 
I desperately NEED to do it!

We had been using my husband's phone 
as our clock in our room, 
and he sets an alarm...
but it got really old not knowing
what time it was after he left and took his phone with him!

So I found an unused alarm clock in one of our 
still many boxes and hooked it up.

Then a few weeks ago, decided I would set the alarm for 6am.
Well, that was the plan anyways.
Apparently I set it to 6PM!
It didn't wake me up the following morning for some odd reason,
but I didn't care enough to do anything about it.
Then the kids were terrified to go upstairs 
because there was a beeping noise.
Hubby figured out it was my ill set alarm clock!

So since you guys helped me get on track with the budget
and reading that Dave Ramsey book...
I figured I would recruit you to help me 
get the kids school lesson plans into excel
and a daily family schedule & chore chart
I attempted it a few months ago and got a GREAT
little weekly chart put together, 
but don't keep up with it much.

I think I need something to write on...
or check off...

I have LOTS of plans and LOTS of ideas.

So keep me in check,

Let's see how this goes.

1) Get boys lesson plans/schedules into excel
2) Create a daily schedule
3) Create chore chart
(or resurrect the one we have)
4) Get my butt out of bed!
(I want to do a devotional, work out and shower
before the kids get up - but I so love my sleep!)
5) Find a daily devotional that I will enjoy
(so I stick with it)

See, its daunting!
But something HAS to be done!!!

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