Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Invigorated, Motivated & Inspired!!!

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending 
the First Annual 

I got in on the "ground floor" of this event 
and was even able to help out a little.

Since we do sports with the kids on Saturdays:
2 soccer games and 1 baseball game,
Daddy agreed to fly solo for a bit 
while I went to the conference for a little while.

When I originally presented him with the idea
I proposed being at the 8am soccer game,
leave from there and go to the conference
then meet him back at the field 
for the 2pm soccer game.

The day of, things changed a little.
I left when they left for soccer
and went straight to the conference
then missed the second game.
but it was worth it 

There were quite a few break out sessions
where they had speakers 
on different subjects:
Reluctant Readers
Frugal Living
Schooling Multiple Ages
Homeschool Graduate Panel
Homeschooling High School
Special Needs
Gifted & Talented

and quite a few more...

I did not get to go to all of them,
but they did make audio recordings of each session
that will be available shortly.

I will be getting a few of them!

I did get the opportunity to go to the Organization one
and made LOTS of notes!!!
I had already been headed down the 
"I need to get more organized"
and had ideas of things that needed to be done,
but it was all in my head.

The biggest thing I learned in this session was to
Write it down!
Make a list!

So I did...
I am still trying to figure out how to best tackle this.
I have started carrying a spiral notebook around with me
that I am writing stuff down in.
It has definitely helped having things on paper
and making a list.
That way I can see what I want to get done
and I can cross it off and it feels GREAT!

I am still working on the boys lesson plans
for next year and getting them in Excel.
The plan there is for me to write down
or print off what their assignments are each
week and they will be responsible for getting it all done.
(with me helping my 1st grader, of course)

I am considering getting them their own "agenda"
as well - similar to what they had in PS.
Still figuring this one out though.

I am also trying to figure out how to do a weekly 
schedule for our family. 
We will have a basic daily one
with EVERYTHING listed out
from sun up to sun down.
And since no two days are the same in our house...
we will adjust times based on the daily activities.
So I am trying to figure out how to manage that without 
doing a full fledged schedule every week, 
just amending the previous week's schedule .
Then this will be prominently displayed in the kitchen
for ALL to see.
Like I said - still working on this one though.
But I have started at least writing it down in my 
"handy dandy - notebook".

I have thought about turning another zippered binder into 
my life on paper.

Back to the conference:
I went to two other sessions,
didn't get anything "earth shattering" out of the second one.
The third one was about preschoolers and 
I got a bunch of great resources for both 
me and the kids from her.
(I have befriended the lady who presented and already
valued her opinion on items and picked up some tips from her)

From her I decided I wanted to look into these things:

*this series of DVDs and "stuff" are a huge HIT in this house!!
unfortunately this game appears to have been discontinued 
now what??
(just did a quick hunt and it is available on ebay - might have to look into that!)

by Stormie Omartian
(I am excited about these - it appears she also has a
devotional to go with Praying Wife!)

by Danielle Bean
*this too looks like it is not currently available
(luckily it is pretty far down on my "to read" list)

(but these are kinda pricey - so I might have to wait on these)

I also got to spend a little time 
"manning the chapel"
for adoration and confession.
That was a new experience,
and I have to admit I was a little nervous.
But it was wonderful getting the opportunity
to spend an HOUR in there
by myself
"sans kids".

Then I was bad and skipped my second child's soccer game
to listen to this man!

I had never heard of him and wasn't planning on staying for him.
But everyone I spoke to seemed so excited about this fella.
So I figured I would stay
(at this time, I thought I would be able to see him, 
then rush out and make it to the last part of J's game -
but I was off on J's game time by an hour - oops!
yes, it was in my phone at the correct time
don't ask)

I am so thankful I stayed.
His credentials are outstanding
and I recall reading somewhere
that he did some stand up comedy, maybe??
Sometimes I do feel like we are in the minority
(which we probably are now-a-days)
in how we raise our kids,
but I honestly think they are going to come
out a little better off for it.
So its nice to hear that we are not alone...

I hustled out of the room planning to run to J's game,
but stopped by his "table" real quick to look at the books he 
had mentioned.

I would up purchasing 3 things from him.
And then jumped behind the table to help him.
He didn't have back-up 
people were asking questions
waving money around
wanting autographed this 
pictures of that
(well pictures of him, but "that" sounded better).

So after I played cashier, 
I hurried back down to the vendor hall
(aka - gym)
purchased a few religion books from Seton
that were very highly recommended
and I wasn't completely happy with the religion
we were currently using.
We will see how this goes.
I think I will use both
and make sure I pick out the pages that correspond to the same
lesson out of each book.

Then I finally saw that my hubby had sent me two texts:
2:23p - Are you coming?  Game is half over already
2:35p - Game is over

But I am really excited about the things I picked up
from Dr. Ray:

(not that I think we need it, cause I think we have it pretty good,
but it can *always* be better!)

and this DVD
I can only HOPE that he has the same humor in this
DVD as he did in the speaking engagement at the conference!

I am so excited about these books!!

I have started reading 
"What Catholics Really Believe",
but only gotten through the first 2 pages (twice).

BUT, with my new found desire for 
some sort of order in this house,
I have,
yes *HAVE*,
successfully set an alarm 
and gotten out of bed BEFORE 6:30a
3 out of the last 5 mornings
#4 - I was up around 7am to get ready for church
#5 - well, no comment on that one.
(3,4 out of 5 ain't bad!)

So I think I have been doing well!
Downstairs, showered and ready
before I see or hear my beloved children.

baby steps 
gotta start 

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