Thursday, May 10, 2012

Scout Camp

Last post,
I left you with a teaser for this one.

As you know, the boys are in Scouts.
R is full in, J technically starts in the fall,
but they are letting him participate a little early.

Daddy is going to be J's Den Leader.

Daddy, R & J all signed up for an
overnight camp that would allow them
to earn some neat belt loops.

The camp is an hour and a half away from where we live.
So Friday night, they packed up everything
(including a test set up on the tent).

Then Saturday morning they were all up
and out the door by 6am.
I heard them leaving but thought it was a part
of a dream.
By the time I realized it was real,
I jumped up and ran downstairs
and out the door just in time to
see the taillights driving away.

I immediately called and said good-bye.
But had this uneasy feeling since I didn't
get to kiss my boys good-bye.

They should have been there at 7:30am
they were supposed to call...
no call.
I was a bit worried and my mind
started messing with me,
but as they day wore on...
I realized "No news was good news"...
So I locked the house up TIGHT
before I crawled in the bed
and actually left the ringer turned ON
on my phone (for once).

Then at about midnight,
I got a call...
First words out of his mouth were,
we are ok, but we are coming home,
Rico got sick all in the tent and everywhere.
(turns out he just overdid it and was overheated).

When they rolled in exactly 1 1/2 hours later at 1:30am,
I ran out and helped unload.
Daddy grabbed a passed out J, while I
ushered the pukey one in the house and straight to the shower.
(he did have on clean clothes - but he still deserved a shower)

J was so tired he barely made it up the stairs,
cause I can't carry his big ole self up the stairs,
although he tried to let me - HA!

R took a 20 min shower and I eventually
had to go in there and tell him to leave hot water
for daddy.

They ran through a pretty wicked thunderstorm on the way
home, which they actually brought with them.

And if I haven't mentioned it before,
my kids don't do well in thunderstorms...
(but they get it honest)

Daddy and I finally crawled into bed well after 2am,
we were laying there and he was telling me
how their day had gone,
then R shows up at our bedside unable to sleep.
Eventually we let him crawl into bed with us.
Then, the previously mentioned thunderstorm hit.
Within minutes of the clap of thunder that shook the house,
there was a 3 yo at our bedside wanting in too...

I think we got everyone back in their own bed around 6:45am.
Just in time for the baby to wake up.

Oh well...we survived and even made it to church!!

So here is how the rest of their day went:

Setting up the tent

R looking at dad taking pictures, 
wondering if he is planning on helping (I am sure)

But they look like they are doing a good job without daddy!

Look at my scouts!
Wonder how much daddy actually helped.

Here daddy is getting proof that they were in a valley...

...with no cell service.

What is it with us and taking pictures of 
cactus blooms??

Making catapults. 

J sucking on his water...
so it appears...
but he is really just chewing on the valve
and biting holes in them
which causes this thing to leak 

See you would think he would be extremely hydrated with 
all these pictures of the water tube hanging out of his mouth.

Daddy liked this cactus hanging over the side of the cliff.

J fishing...
no they didn't catch anything.

J getting his hook rebaited,
by the other dad friend there 
while he was laying on the dock
(I got a kick out of that -
laying on his back rebaiting a hook)


took me a second to realize this was my kid!

Look at them...


Looks like R could hold his own here.

Waiting for his next victim...

Conquered that one too.

J figured he would give it a shot.

The croquet game...

Doesn't work that way J.

Not that way either, kiddo...

Ok maybe croquet isn't his sport.

(just kidding - he knew what he was doing - I think)

On to the BB gun course:

Look at that concentration,

(dern I have some good lookin kids!)

Sorry no closeups on the targets, but daddy said they were

Good job boys!

I am so glad they had fun and secretly happy they 
had to come home a tad bit early.
I kinda like 'em.

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