Monday, May 21, 2012

Vacay - Part 2

Sorry to leave you guys hanging so long on 
part 2 of our mini-vacay!

When I finally get caught up on updates,
you will see why it has taken so long...
(If I ever get caught up!)

So last post, I filled you in on Day 1 of our trip.
The drive up
and then the stadium...

We ended Day 1 with a birthday dinner for R.
I wanted to go somewhere we would both enjoy,
so we decided on a hibachi place.
Unfortunately, those are hit or miss.
We found one, I went in to check it out
and did an about face as soon as I stepped in.
So on to plan B,
the problem,
we didn't have a plan B!

So 30+ min later, 
we wound up at Dave and Busters...
oh yeah!

But the kids enjoyed it - 
it was better than Chuck E Cheese!

We stayed in a hotel not far from the stadium 
and then got up the next morning 
and headed to the water park.
For those of you not familiar with 
an indoor water park
just go to:

It is amazing!  
& entertainment
all under one roof
I don't have to worry about 
sunscreen or sunburns!
Those two items alone are worth the cost!
Especially since half of us with burst into flames
with too much sun!

We got there before 10am.  
We were able to check in
since the hotel was EMPTY!
We even got a complimentary upgrade!!
We wound up staying in a 
KidKamp Suite.

We headed straight to the waterpark
cause of course we were already in our 
bathing suits!

And, as I posted a bit ago,
we had a cooler and bag full of goodies!
We did buy 2 kids meals with chicken fingers
and split that 6 ways
then had the 
other stuff
we packed.

So it worked!

Since the water park was practically empty,
there was no rest for the ride-goers.
Once you got off, you climbed back up the 
105 steps to get back on again,
then you did it all over again.
Mommy only did it a few times,
I was stuck between the baby pool
and the wave pool with the littles.

Daddy, however, 
did this probably close to 50 times over the 
2 day period we were there.
What a good daddy!

We did give the boys a little more freedom 
than we EVER have,
but ONLY because the place was empty
they were limited to just going on the 
"tree house".

We didn't leave the waterpark til my feet
were SCREAMING at me
for keeping them submerged in water 
for almost 8 hours!
And no my feet were NOT the reason we left.

We were just flat TIRED!

We went back to the room,
showered off
and then wandered around
trying to figure out what we were
doing for dinner.
We decided to stay in the hotel
and eat at the Grill there.
Food wasn't the best
or the cheapest,
but we didn't have to leave...
so it was fine!

Then the littles and I went back to the 
room and crawled into bed.
While daddy took the two older boys
to play MagiQuest.

What is that you ask?
Addictive and a workout,
that's what it is.
It is basically an electronic scavenger hunt
through the hotel.
Ultimately culminating in fighting a dragon.

As if daddy hadn't had enough already,
he wandered around the hotel with the boys
til 11pm!
When they finally turned the game OFF!

Then they were up by 8am
(don't these kids EVER sleep???)

We were checking out of the hotel that morning,
so we ate breakfast
(that we brought with us)

Then we packed everything up,
daddy loaded the car
and me & the kids headed
BACK to the water park,
which had LESS people 
than the day before.
It was GREAT!

I didn't get a ton of pictures,
and most of the ones I did get 
are of the baby,
mainly cause I had to be within arms 
reach of our 19 mo old who
was trying to keep up with 
his brothers and sister
with nary a worry of 
(that was my job)

After playing all day,
I could tell he was getting tired,
so I took him over and was drying him off 
and putting a dry diaper on him...
he was falling asleep while I was drying him off!
Poor thing!

We ventured over to watch daddy and R
come down a couple of the slides
while T was sleeping 
and get a snack...

Hi Daddy!

J hitting a slide too!

Monkey girl and show off boy!

All for them!!

Before we headed back home,
we hit MagiQuest one more time
to give the boys the opportunity to beat the dragon.
Try as they all might...

they could NOT defeat the dreaded dragon!

We FINALLY loaded back up to head SOUTH
around 6:15pm.

I snapped these on the way out - mainly for Grammy
to show her how big this one was!!

It had 8 floors!
But the water park was the same size as the smaller hotels!
so this is NOT the place to go when they are busy!!

We grabbed a healthy dinner (bleh!)
settled in for a long ride home.

30 minutes into our 5 1/2 hour drive,
I noticed it was awfully quiet...

And I turned around to see this!

Yep - that is a fry hanging out of her mouth!

Then there is the baby...
laughing and talking - LOUDLY!!

They all remained like this til 8:30pm.

At that time, the baby finally falls asleep
and the older 3 wake up!
That was NOT a part of the plan!!

We turned a movie on
and settled in.

Then the movie went off and they all started talking!
Its 10:30 at night,
be quiet and go to sleep!!!

The other 3 finally fell back asleep about 30 min before we arrived home.


We got home 11:15pm.
Then poor daddy woke up and made it to work the next day.

But it worked 
we WILL be doing this again.

We have already started mentally planning our next trip up there!

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