Thursday, October 10, 2013

The 12 Days of Camping... (Part 3)

Our trip got
as the days ticked by...

We left the KOA in Asheville
had another spot lined up.
We figured we would
campground hop our
way through the

Our next destination was
in Balsam Mountain.
Just outside of Waynesville, NC.
We stayed at a 
the best named campground I have heard of yet...

Once I saw the name of this place...
we HAD to stay!!

We arrived Friday afternoon....
we were staying through Monday.

We were literally in the middle of NOTHING!
Yet, managed to find things to do!

We wound up being creekfront again...
The kids made fast friends,
like they always do
it took all of about 5 minutes
for the littlest person in our family
to get wet...


But - 
that's what camping is all about,

I am pretty sure we just hung out at the campsite
Friday afternoon
We got a little rain
so we dried the youngins off
hunkered down inside for a bit. 

This is one of the BEST toys
Santa brought this past year...
and it travels so well!!

The next day,
was more exciting.
We went exploring!

We started out by 
taking a hike
around the campground.

There were a lot of butterflies
hanging around...
daddy was able to pick up one up!
So for the next 15 minutes,
we watched as each of the kids attempted to pick one up, too.

Then since I brought my camera
and saw this neat bridge over the creek,
I thought it would be a good picture 
and as the norm with kids...
I took quite a few 
and this is the best I got...

I have NO idea why Mr. T was showing off his belly!

And as it goes with any hike or walk with kids...
someone always has to be held
I am just thankful they are 
getting too big for me to do
the carrying

We got back to our site and decided to build our first
fire of our camping trip thus far.
And we roasted marshmallows...
for brunch!!

See what the hubs is doing?
His marshmallow caught on fire
he is trying to blow it out.
Got it.
We will revisit this in a bit...

 After we filled up on marshmallows,
we headed out of the campgrounds to 
explore our surroundings.
We had passed an apple orchard on the
way in
and I insisted on stopping by!

It was a farm stand
as well!!

We grabbed a couple of things:
corn on the cob
and a couple of 
homemade apple treats!
Including an apple turnover
They were just ok
and the apples weren't ripe yet.
So I was a little disappointed.

But it was a nice little stop.

We ventured on in to Waynesville
and walked around downtown.
Super cute town!
They have done well with keeping up the 
Main Street area.
It was rather busy too.

Even though we had been eating all morning,
we hadn't had lunch.
So we started checking out the restaurants.
We saw this menu 
and it immediately
took me back to when I was a child.
Like less than 5 years old kinda chid...

Corn Bread -N- Milk!
Are you kidding me? 
I have never seen that on a menu...
I have very vivid memories
of climbing in my 
grandfather's lap,
after Sunday lunch,
while he was sitting in "his" chair.
We would share a big ole mug
of cornbread in milk.
The cornbread was fresh made
by my grandmother
even though we had just had lunch,
there was always room for that 
after lunch treat!

I can see the room,
the chair,
the mug...
He died not long after that...

nostalgic moment is over,
While we were in Waynesville,
my folks showed up!!
I had been talking to my mom
about joining us on our camping adventure.
She grew up doing family camping trips.
My dad, however,
was not too excited about camping.
He lived as if he were camping 
most of his childhood,
so he chose not to intentionally 
if he didn't have to!

So they stayed at a cute little hotel
down the street from us
at the 

We teased my dad a little because he wanted to stay
in a hotel instead of our camper with us.
(which is honestly fine)
his hotel didn't have A/C,
nor did they have a TV in their room
and the bathroom in their room
was about as big as ours in the camper...
We had A/C
and TV
and a potty!

But I am sure it was way more comfortable
to have their own room
rather than squeezing two more people in with us
in the camper.
I get it.

We ventured back to the campgrounds

We had a little fire starting challenge
for the boys...
Papa and Daddy were their coaches.

Luckily we had snacks to munch on
cause it took them a while...

 So we decided to take some pictures while
we were waiting...

I wish this one had turned out better,
it looks like a GREAT picture!!

Mr. T then got wet again...
imagine that.
So after he got cleaned up,
we attempted to entertain him
with his race track again.

See all the clothes on that table?
That is because I didn't have a clothes line up under
the awning 
and it was raining so much
clothes could not dry as 
quickly as these guys were getting them wet!
we brought bathing suits!!

We attempted to move the underwear and shorts
from the table so that we could actually eat dinner.

After dinner,
And we are camping...
so what could possibly be for dessert?
more roasted marshmallows.
Dad/Papa decided to chill inside a bit
and the rest of us were all around the fire.
Remember that picture I told you we would revisit?

This one?


Well, typically,
when your marshmallow catches on fire,
you bring it close to your face and blow it out,

Well apparently MY marshmallow
got too melted
when it caught on fire
and I brought it up to my face
too quickly...
thanks to Sir Isaac Newton
we know
that an object at motion
tends to stay in motion
unless acted on by an outside force...
or something like that.

On the 4th Day of Camping 
I gave to me...

I literally 
a flaming hot,
marshmallow into my

It landed right in 
around my right eye.
We all kicked into panic mode.
Including my kids.
That was the worst part!
I was still more worried about
them and that fire
than I was about me
at the moment.

Once we all calmed down,
and attempted to assess the situation
including calling my two favorite nurses...
mom and I decided to go back into Waynesville
to find an Urgent Care.
It was IN my eye afterall.
I couldn't see,
couldn't blink,
it hurt...

We couldn't find an Urgent Care open
and I wasn't up for the additional 30+ minute 
drive to Asheville hoping to find an
Urgent Care open.
So we went to the only open store,
grabbed some supplies recommended
by the sister nurse.
And hunkered down for the night.
I didn't sleep very well
mom and dad were back over
early the next morning 
so the hubs could take me into 
Urgent Care.
He did some funny stuff to my eye
and put some funny stuff in it,
one of which was numbing drops.
He wouldn't let me take those with me,
no matter how hard I begged!

He did send me home with some meds,
then the hubs and I got to have an early
anniversary date
at a bakery we saw on Main Street the day before.

Why hadn't we discovered tried this place the day before??
I decided on another apple turnover.
This one was MUCH different than the 
one from the orchard...
this one was AMAZING!

Nothing like lots of calories and sugar and butter 
to make your eye feel better!  

I pretty much laid around the rest of the day resting my eyes.
I was pretty worthless.

But daddy and Nana took the kids on another hike
and let them swim some more.

This is one of the BEST pictures of the trip!!!

My crew was running out of clothes!
I had packed enough for us to 
MAYBE have enough clothes...
especially if they lived in the bathing suits
and if I could get clothes to dry outside.
We should have been fine,
but I brought laundry stuff...
just in case.

Boy am I glad I did.
I had gone up to get change earlier
in the evening,
once I decided to join the living again.

I decided I needed to wash and dry some of
our wet clothes.

as you can imagine,
the laundry facilities at a campground...
in the mountains...
were lacking.

I did two loads of wash at the same time.
Then came the fun part...
the drying...
Those dryers didn't work for NOTHING!!!

I spent every last quarter I had
and literally HOURS
walking back and forth to the laundry facilities
(luckily that were right across the creek from us).
I finally ran out of quarters
BEFORE the clothes were dry!
And again...
it was raining.
So I couldn't hang them anywhere outside.
Couldn't fold them up either...
so what did we do?

Dried them inside...

I opened every door,
every drawer,
hung clothes on every 
surface I could find...
that would allow them to dry.
I figured the A/C would dry them...
it kinda worked.
Most of them were ok the next morning.

bright and early,
we headed back to Urgent Care for a follow up.
Luckily they had told me that the eye regenerates 
and heals itself within 24-48 hours.
Well, apparently, I fell into that statistic
because the doc who did my follow up
couldn't find any damage to my eye!
Whoo hoo!!
Now I could quit putting "healing" drops in
that made me not be able to see!
And keep up with the antibiotics
and we were good to go!

We said goodbye to Nana and Papa
and headed back to pack up the camper.

While daddy and I were packing the camper...
guess what the kids were doing...
in the creek.
more wet clothes...

Right before we pulled the slide-out in,
we had Rico climb on top of the camper to sweep 
any limbs and leaves and debris
off of the slide out.
He got a kick out of that task!!

We hooked up,
navigated our way back to the highway
were on our way to stop #3...

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