Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Fun!! - Strawberry Picking, Southern-Style!

We jumped right into getting to know people
and participated in a few end of year activities
with one of the homeschool groups here.
Then on May 9th,
We went strawberry picking,
with the homeschool group,
 at a local farm.
They had just opened the farm for picking
for us!
They had some of the local 4-H high school kids come out
and do games with our kids.

They took us on a hay ride
provided us with home made strawberry ice cream!
And all we had to do is pick and buy strawberries!!
We came home with $25 worth of strawberries,
that were gone within days!
But the whole event was worth the $25,
hands down!
Here is what that $25 bought us!

* A couple of goats to look at

* A big ole group of homeschoolers to socialize with

* Games for the kids!

*Sack races

* Egg races

* Pin the tail feathers on the rooster.

 * A hayride

* A visit from a bunch of cows!

(including this little fella! -
he was born just a few days before!)

(they got up close and personal too!)

(real close)

Then after our picnic lunch...
we went for the main event.

Strawberry picking!

And eating...

And picking...

And eating....

And eating...

And here is our bounty!

 And yes, Ms. Priss totally got dressed up for the occasion!
Grammy bought her a bunch of nice "wearable" dress-up dresses
for her birthday this year.
And they are finally at a height that she can access them
as she pleases.
So frequently,
when I tell her to go get dressed,
and frequently when I don't...
she comes "floating"
down the stairs
and into the room
in one of these little beauties.

We picked the strawberry red,
plantation-style one
for picking strawberries
in the field.

Might I have a little
Ms. Scarlett O'Hara
on my hands?

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