Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Kinda Valentine's Day!

Halfway through February in ONE POST!

And its only JUNE!
Oh well...

A few days before Valentine's Day
a friend and I sat down and 
cut out TONS
of paper hearts
for a little project.

Then the night before Valentine's Day,
I finished up...

Then when my kids woke up 
the next morning,
they were each greeted with this:

Rico's Door

 Lex's Door

Jackson & Tony's Door

Then these little goodie bags on the table.

Then the kids and I made and decorated 
Valentine Mail Boxes.
We had a Valentine Exchange at our co-op.
And let me tell you how excited I was this year
to have 2 additional writers!
I think we had about 45 Valentine's to write out....
times 4!!!
thankful the older boys could help
and Lex could write her own name!

The boys totally decorated their own boxes.
I had to help Lex and really did Tony's for him.

I didn't realize that I had not taken pictures of 
all of them!

But I did get a couple of pictures of Tony's

I used a cereal box and turned it into a rocket!

Then decorated it...
wait maybe Tony did help!

We did the decorating while we were sitting
at basketball practice the night before the exchange.

But I think it turned out cute.

Jackson's was Minecraft related
Rico's was football related
Lex's was a bunny!

above said "friend" 
that helped cut out TONS of paper hearts...
offered to add my 4 to her 4
and wrangle 8 kids for the night
so the hubs and I could go out on 
Valentine's Day!
I almost didn't take her up on it...
I considered bailing...
that is EIGHT
And only half were hers!

But the kids all get along so great...
they really do!
And it makes it so much easier when they do!

So the hubs and I went out!
To dinner

We had to make it somewhat special
since these types of things are few and far between

We decided on 
in Kinston.

We grabbed a drink at the bar,
after we muscled our way up,
while we waited for our spot
at the oyster bar (my preferred seating).

We started out with 
an order of 
"Southern Poutine"
(pictured below)
 this dish was a pile of fries,
topped with southern chopped bbq
smothered with gravy
and it might have had some cheese on the side 
(I am guessing that is what the white stuff is)
This was not a fave of mine.
The hubs ate most of this.

Then the oysters started to arrive.
We ordered a peck of steamed.
I am picky...
I know I am,
I might even fit into the 
"high maintenance" 
category occasionally...
this night was one of those.
the oysters are steamed in the back,
then shucked into a small metal bucket.
Then the shells are discarded
and you are served your shucked oysters 
in a small metal bucket.
Um, no thanks.
I requested that they shuck them
and leave them on the shells.
They graciously obliged.
These babies were served with 
HOMEMADE saltine!
Those were INSANE!
They were quite oily and buttery,
but scrumptious!

 Here was our full spread...

After this spread,
I wasn't ready to go
so we ordered something else just as an excuse
to sit and enjoy being a couple
and not parents
for a bit longer.

I settled on the 
Fried Popcorn Oysters.
These were
hands down
without a doubt
ain't no comparison
fried oysters
I have 

I only wish I would have had them 
Because that is
I would have EATEN!

I asked what they were breaded in
the only response I received
Oh well.

We walked around the booming 
town of 
Kinston for a few minutes,
stopped into a couple of places.

Then headed back to retrieve our 

The family watching our crew,
offered to keep them overnight!
Kidless dinner

We graciously accepted their offer,
but did retrieve our littlest person
and brought him home with us.

We poked our head in and checked on each
of the others before we left.
A dark headed sleepy beauty
(er, Cousin It)
rose up from her spot in the 
twin bed with the other 2 little girls,
long enough to give us a kiss.

Then the 4 boys
(2 of mine, 2 of theirs)
they were all going to sleep on a FUTON!
Or not!
They did NOT 
stay this way.

The next morning,
we had another day full of basketball...
and we had ONE kid to get ready
(along with snacks and lunches)
but our sweet friends had 7 kids
to get up and fed and ready...
and WE were late!

So when your mom & dad are running late
to pick you up from a sleep over...
and you have a basketball game
you have to brush your teeth in the 
gymnasium bathroom at church!

But because your friends' mom is 
the bomb!
She makes cool designs in your hair,
so you look freaking adorable
while you brush your teeth,
sitting on the counter,
in the gymnasium bathroom at church.

Then to round out our Valentine Day celebration,
we had an excuse to go to Krispy Kreme.

And a cool dozen works out great with this family.
Everyone gets to pick 2.
Then this mom of 4
pulls the permanent marker out of her purse
and proceeds to make a map
on the lid of the box.

Its amazing how easy 
that is!

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