Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The First Half of February in review AND Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow (#3!!!)

February started of with one of "those" days.
Those days, 
as a family with 4 kids,
where you have to be in multiple places...
all at the same time.

The first Saturday of the month 
had 3 basketball games 
and a Pinewood Derby on the schedule!

First up was Ms. Priss' 
basketball game,

Then the boys each had a game,
but we missed those 
ran to another church 
for our 
Cub Scout Pinewood Derby

Ms Priss and some scout little sisters
sat around and entertained themselves.

Mr. T was CRANKY
and whiny and being just aggravating...

I knew he was tired,
so meany mommy,
fought him to be still 
and stay in my lap
quite against his will.

He eventually quit fighting...

Our snow people were still standing...
I thought that was pretty neat.

Then daddy had school work to do,
so the kids and I vacated the premises
and went to visit friends.

That night Daddy and Lex
made her new Hello Kitty doll.

She got to stuff it,

And sew it together.

The next day was Super Bowl Sunday,
so Rico drew this for us.

I was quite impressed!

Then the next week we had to do a little school.

And basketball practice...
 Isn't this how every girl carries her basketball?

And we discovered books with CDs!

Then we made a trip to Cary for Papa's birthday...

Lex tested the cake for us.

Aunt Melanie got some niece and nephew time...
while the nieces were WAY more 
interested in the grapes!

Later in the week,
Lex showed daddy how well her reading 
was coming along.
He had not heard her read yet,
so he was pleasantly surprised!

The boys started cooking their own eggs!
(step #1 to them cooking dinner!)

Then we got MORE snow...
that is snow #3 
in a little ole town that usually gets hardly ANY!

We really enjoyed the icicles that came
with this snow/ice/freezing rain/sleet

I was ready for spring at this point!

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