Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Baking Anyone??

I have fallen in love with the blog
I discovered her a few weeks ago
and have been pretty much obsessed ever since.
This lady has got her act together!
And her site is a great place to start for new
homeschoolers with young kids!
I am not copying -
well, I guess I kinda am...
but like I said -
she is a great resource 
and a great place to start!!

She does monthly meal plans
weekly lesson plans
created her own curriculum for 
preschoolers and K4
(both of which I plan on purchasing).
She has figured this thing out!

I used to be pretty good at meal planning.
When we lived in NC, I would STOCK
my freezer UP when meats 
would go on super sales
at our local grocery store.
Due to the competition between
5 grocery store chains
(not including the 2 mega stores that sold EVERYTHING)
every day prices were a little high but the sales 

So I always had meat in the freezer to use.
Then we get down here in good 'ole Texas
and there is basically ONE
grocery store chain!
Then there are the 2 mega stores too.
So there really is NO competition
like there was in NC.
So my buying stuff super cheap and stocking up days 
are kinda over.
Instead, I am attempting to
plan and purchase for 2 weeks at a time.
We will see how that goes.
I am headed in the right direction and 
have planned out meals and snacks for the 
next two weeks.

I wasn't really giving the kids snacks like they 
think they need.  
So I have been inspired by 
Confessions of a Homeschooler...
we are baking!

We would be doing a little anyways.
But when I put things on paper
and on a calendar.
It is easier to stick to!

Last week we made & decorated 
Christmas cookies
while my folks were here.
(will have more about that on another post)

After we put the babies down for naps
- yes "we" - the boys put Ms. Priss in her bed
I put the baby in his bed - 
we made

Christmas-y Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

1) Dump

2) Pat

3) Bake

4) Cut

5) Devour!

(six thumbs up!)

Then we started decorating our annual gingerbread house.

I helped/supervised for a while...
then went and worked on something else.

This is what happens when you leave 2 boys
with 3 bags of icing!!
Can you tell that these are supposed to be
the sides of a gingerbread house??

Can't wait to see what the completed house looks like tomorrow!!

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