Monday, December 12, 2011

Signs of Progress...

Today my parents left and headed back to NC.  
We had them for 4 whole days and 5 whole nights.
Now how long is it going to take
to undo all the spoilage??  
Don't care...
Its worth it!  
(It will get undone just in time for the other
grandma to arrive and do it all over again! - HA HA!)

While mom and dad were here
they helped me purchase 
to continue to work on 
putting together our work area
for the kids school.

Here is what it looks like in place...

Now we have to find nice chairs to go with the desks the boys got for Christmas
last year from Grammy.  And they will FINALLY
be using them for their intended purpose!!

These look GREAT!  
I am getting so excited about this!!

So the workboxes are in place...
now we start implementing them!!
(hopefully sooner than later)

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