Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 10 on 10

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Ok, so now for the
  10 on 10
and the linky party via 

 Self Explanatory start to my day...

Then taking 4 kids with me while I go bathing suit shopping.
NUTS, I know!

Bi-weekly veggie co-op
my baskets are two red ones on the end.

Inhaling some fries on the way home,
to meet someone.
Notice the red light...  ;)

One hour later,
my soup was actually still warm!!

My soup was interrupted by 
my daughter informing me that my
toddler did this...

I rolled it right back up on the roll!

Then since it was too early for wine...
these amazing truffles 
did the trick...

I will explain this picture later...

And then it was finally time for this!


  1. love your pics! especially the toilet paper party!

  2. I also participate in a bi-weekly fruit and veggie co-op. I freaking love it! It's the only way we eat fruits and veggies. :) :)